Workers’ Voices

Samuel, Dairy Farmworker

Samuel, Dairy Farmworker  Felices de compartir otra victoria! El dueño de un rancho en Fabius le dio un montón de excusas para no pagar el último cheque a este compañero. El dueño también se quería quedar con el dinero de sus primeros días de trabajo en ese rancho. El compañero trabajador solicitó apoyo al Centro y hace poco recibió sus cheques! Una hora trabajada debe ser hora pagada! NO HAY NINGUNA EXCUSA PARA NO PAGAR! No te dejes, llámanos si tienes preguntas. El teléfono del Centro es 315-218-5708 Este compañero se hizo miembro del Centro! Con nuestro poder colectivo, sí se puede!


Happy to share another victory! The owner of a ranch in Fabius gave Samuel a bunch of excuses not to pay the last check. The owner is also wanted to keep the money from their first days of work in that ranch. Samuel asked for support and recently received his cheques! One hour worked must be hour paid! There is no excuse not to pay! Don’t let them, call us if you have any questions. The telephone number of the centre is 315-218-5708 .  With our collective power, yes you can!

Kevin, Dairy Farmworker

Kevin worked as a dairy farmworker in one of the biggest farms in upstate NY. In a span of three weeks he experienced three accidents: a cow pushed him against a metal bar, he fell while milking cows at the parlor and a chemical splashed on his eyes. The lack of concern for workers health and safety and the high pace of work at dairy farms make Kevin’s experiences alarmingly common in dairy farm operations in NY


Paige, Hotel receptionist


Paige was working at the front desk at a hotel in Oswego. When she decided to leave her job due to poor treatment of workers by management, she was told that because her plastic name tag was missing, she would lose her entire last paycheck. Paige fought back. She called the Workers’ Center of CNY and together, WC staff and Paige confronted her former boss and told him that his actions were illegal. A few weeks later, Paige was finally paid the money she was owed. Paige on why she worked so hard to get her missing money. “I knew that what they were doing was wrong and there had to be something that could be done. It wasn’t even so much about the money – just that it’s not fair. I didn’t do anything to deserve that.”  Advice to other workers: “Know that there is someone out there who can help you, and if you feel that something is wrong, it probably is. Don’t do it out of spite, but because it’s right. You should be treated with respect.”

Hector, Janitorial worker