On the Road to Win Equal Access to Driver Licenses for NY Immigrants!

Great day to visit senator Rachel May and Assemblyman Bill Magnareli to thank them for co-sponsoring legislation to restore access to driver licenses for undocumented immigrants in NY. We also visited the offices of Assembly representatives Pamela Hunter and Al Stirpe to remind them to co-sponsor, as they told us earlier in the year that they would do. As we were leaving the office of Assemblywoman Hunter we got the news that yesterday she submitted the appropriate paperwork to officially be listed as a co-sponsor. We encourage everyone who supports immigrants in Upstate to please call the office of Assembly representative Al Stirpe to encourage him to follow thru and support immigrants, many of which work in agriculture which is an important industry in his district.

Thank you to Senator Rachel May for co-sponsoring!
Thank you to Assembly representative Bill Magnareli for co-sponsoring!
Thank you to Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter for co-sponsoring!
Support immigrant workers, Assemblyman Al Stirpe!!!! Time to sign on as a co-sponsor as you said you were going to do!!!