Vigil to Support Dolores 12/19

After fleeing abuse in Mexico, Dolores settled in Wayne County with her young daughter as a single Mom more than 13 years ago. As a valued worker on an apple farm, a community leader of farmworker women, worker rights advocate and active Board member of two organizations, Dolores deserves to stay in Wayne County with her young daughter where she has made her home. She has represented farmworker women and testified at conferences in the US including at Harvard and Washington, DC, helps her fellow farmworkers in need, and contributes to her community. In 2014, when Dolores was stopped for a minor traffic violation, State Police turned her over to immigration authorities and she was placed in deportation proceedings. December 19, 2017, is the trial that may sadly end in Dolores’ removal to Mexico. Let’s say NO to her deportation!!

Stand in solidarity with Dolores!
Keep families together! Stop deportations now!

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