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#DreamActNow Diana Sánchez and Her Daughters Write a Letter to Ellen

This past November we had the honor to organize with Diana Sánchez and her courageous young daughters when we brought thanksgiving dinner to congressman John Katko’s office In Syracuse to ask him to support a Clean Dream Act. This is a beautiful video featuring Diana and her daughters speaking about their wishes for this Christmas. Please continue to call your congress representatives and ask them to pass a Clean Dream Act before the end of the year. Families like Diana’s deserve to live in peace without fear of separation.

Dear Ellen, These Girls Have a Letter for You

The best thing you'll watch today: These young daughters of Dreamer moms skipped a letter to Santa this year and instead wrote to Ellen DeGeneres.Watch then show your support for a #DreamActNow: MoveOn.org/DreamAct

Posted by MoveOn.org on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mobilization to support DACA/TPS in Washington, D.C. 12/05-12/06

December 5th-6th
Mobilization to support DACA/TPS in Washington, D.C.
Along with our friends at the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), we are preparing for another mobilization in Washington D.C., this time to stop the attacks on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status). Let’s be sure to send a message to congress that we want a clean DREAM Act with no strings attached and that the TPS program needs to be stay! Please email Nikeeta nslade@workerscentercny.org if you would like to go to the mobilization. Transportation will be provided but we just need to know how many people to plan for so pelase be sure to RSVP!

Undocumented But With a Voice Discussion with Cesar Vargas 10/25

Undocumented but with a Voice. Discussion with Cesar Vargas, national immigrant rights activist, hosted by Citizens Response Network of Wayne County, Ohmann Theatre, 65 Williams St., Lyons.

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day – Not Columbus Day 10/9

Date: 10/9/17    Time: 4:30-5:30

Location: Columbus Circle Syracuse, New York 13202

We gather to celebrate the many and varied contributions of the world’s Indigenous Peoples. We gather at the statue of Columbus because it is a clear reminder of his legacy of attempted genocide and land theft. Standing atop the heads of indigenous peoples, located squarely between the Church and Government buildings, located on land stolen from the Onondaga Nation, it is a clear monument to the Doctrine of Discovery, racism,and the oppressive structures of colonialism that continue to affect all of us today.

We gather here during a teachable moment to discuss the ongoing impacts of that legacy and to commit ourselves to reversing it.

Speakers and Music to be announced.

Organized by Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON), a grassroots effort of Central New Yorkers and project of the Syracuse Peace Council. NOON supports the sovereignty of the Onondaga Nation’s traditional government, their Land Rights Action and collaborates with them on environmental protection and restoration.


#NoMuslimBanEver Mobilization 10/17 – 10/18


The news of the lowest number of refugees since 1980 and the third muslim ban is just the latest attack on immigrants from this administration.

The NYIC is a National Sponsor and has committed mobilizing from across NYS to stand up and say No Ban EVER! On October 18th, the latest iteration of the ban goes into effect and we will be present in DC to raise our voices and stand up to these racist attacks! The program is inclusive of our entire fight for Immigrant Justice and will include speakers that are impacted by Muslim/ Refugee Ban, DACA, and TPS.

A Bus is leaving Syracuse/Buffalo on 10/17 at 5:00pm. Tickets are $15 each which include lodging, food on 10/18, and transportation there / back. We will return to Syracuse/Buffalo on 10/18 very late. This is an important moment for us to organize a strong, loud, mass mobilization that sends a clear message that IMMIGRANTS, REFUGEES, & MUSLIMS ARE WELCOME HERE.

We will not be silent while our communities are being targeted. The NYIC has directly impacted members of our community speaking from Western and Central New York on the program and we need to show up in big numbers to support them! For more information please contact: mzaldivar@nyic.org.


*If you are a member organization and want to organize a group please contact Meghan mzaldivar@nyic.org directly to make arrangements.



9/28/17: Silent protest “Enough”

For all of us who are feeling we have had Enough, in silent protest of the Trump Care Bill we will gather in complete silence for one hour. Bring signs that simply say “Enough”. Come in silence, we will stand in silence, we will leave in Silence. Sometimes no words speak volumes. We need all activists who are fed up with the assault from Washington on our basic human rights. May our silence reach the heart of Congressman Katko.

We need you for one hour this Thursday from 6-7pm. We will gather in silence holding a sign that says ENOUGH. Enough of the erosion of our right to healthcare, enough talk about walls, and deportation, enough tweets, enough, enough, enough! Enough of being ignored by Katko as if we are not his constituents. ENOUGH! See you in Hanover Square @ 6pm. Please change your maybe to a going and let’s give a real showing of ENOUGH. Stand or kneel on one knee in solidarity proclaiming ENOUGH!!!

Link to the Facebook Event Here