Proposed law will exempt NY fair workers from being paid over time

An article published yesterday by the Syracuse Post Standard explains how a bill to exempt fair workers from being paid over time is quietly moving forward in the state assembly. Assemblyman Bill Magee D-Nelson is sponsoring the bill and the NY Association of Agricultural fairs, of which the NY State fair is a member, has been lobbying for it to pass.

Last year we supported workers from Mexico who were being exploited and abused by a vendor at the NY State Fair. It is unthinkable that now vulnerable workers will be stripped of their over time.


We owe it to those 19 Mexican workers who organized and fought back their employer last year to defend this basic right to over time. Please let Assemblyman Bill Magee D-Nolan, know that you expect better from our representatives. Leave him a message of support for workers at fairs and carnivals:

We will have more information about this soon.

In solidarity – solidaridad!