IWJ’s National Press Call

You can listen to the press call here:

Interfaith Workers Justice: National press call

Listen to today’s national press call organized by Interfaith Workers Justice. It was an honor to be part of it with so many people doing great work across the country. I am encouraged and inspired by their commitment and passion for workers’ rights.

During Labor day weekend we helped uncover a case of human trafficking for labor exploitation here in Central New York. So many people became involved to help bring justice to these workers and it was such an example of the kindness, commitment and passion for social justice of this community. Justice, unfortunately, takes time but we are in this for the long run. Like our good friend, activist and mentor Pat Rector always says: Solidarity in perpetuity.

In time a story will be told about the courage of workers who never imagined that a work offer in the U.S. was going to turn into a nightmare and about the heart warming way in which so many people responded during this humanitarian emergency. But for now it is sufficient to say that there are people with the professional skills and proven commitment for social justice, who continue to work in this case.