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Prominent Organizer with Alianza Agricola Detained

As a follow up to the news that a prominent farmworker organizer was detained we are now able to make public that it was Carlos Cardona, the Alianza Agrícola co-founder and co-president and a dairy worker in our area for over 10 years.

On the evening of Thursday, August 30th, Carlos was pulled over by Attica police and turned over to Border Patrol for not having a valid driver’s license. He is now being held at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia, NY, facing deportation and separation from his three-year-old daughter and wife. Carlos is a prominent organizer with Alianza Agricola and part of the statewide campaign Green Light Driving Together, an effort to expand access to driver’s licenses for all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status. He is originally from Guatemala and has been living in the United States with family for a decade.

The day Carlos was detained, August 30th, was also his daughter’s 3rd birthday. Rather than joy and celebration, the family was torn apart, her father criminalized for nothing other than coming to the U.S. to work hard and provide for his family. Ironically, that same day was the NYS Fair’s themed “Dairy Day” and Carlos’ boss was in Syracuse with dairy farmers from across the state celebrating the industry.

The irony doesn’t stop there. Today is Labor Day, and members from the Alianza Agricola and thousands of other undocumented immigrant workers are in the milk parlors and in the fields working long shifts in the extreme heat and without any overtime or vacation pay as if it were just any regular day. In an interview with Carlos from detention last night, he reminds us, “we’re not complaining about that. We just want to be able to get a license to be able to drive if we need to go to the doctor or so that we can buy fresh healthy food each week.” Carlos isn’t a criminal. His only “crime” was to come to the U.S. to work hard and help provide for his family. There are two ways you can help: 1) support them through the nightmare they are experiencing and donate funds for the legal and other expenses this will incur for his family, and 2) demand executive action from Governor Cuomo to expand licenses to all immediately and stop the deportation pipeline that is separating NY’s immigrant families simply because they don’t have an NYS ID.

Please donate to this GoFundMe Page that has been set up to support his wife and child:

In addition to financial support for his family, we are expecting that if Carlos is able to be released on bond it will be set at the exorbitant price of $10,000. Any donations that you can give are very much appreciated – as well as sharing with your family/friends/networks.

And thank you to all who have already donated and shared this campaign! Almost $2,500 has been raised by 50 people in just two days!


Abolish ICE! Day of Action – Syracuse

A day of action to abolish ICE has been called nationwide. The people of Syracuse, who came into the streets in June against family separation, will be participating in this call on July 31st.

We must not accept the feeble offers of those in power, who offer us entire-family detention and the desire to “reform ICE”. WE SAY NO. As long as ICE exists, migrants will live in terror in this country. We demand that they abolish ICE, and we demand the families be freed.

UPDATE: Marcial de Leon Aguilar’s court has been reset for 8/21/2018 at 11:30 am at the Federal Building in Syracuse NY.

We are still holding the rally and march, please join us on Tuesday July 31:

12:00 – 1:30 We will rally outside of the Federal Building (100 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13261) and then we will march 3 blocks to the ICE office hidden in downtown Syracuse (401 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202).

We will hear from speakers on why and how we must abolish ICE, and what else we can fight for at the local level. This includes drivers licenses for all people of NY, establishing Syracuse as a sanctuary city, halting all working relationships between Syracuse Police and ICE, and removing Customs and Border Patrol from the bus stations.

This demonstration to abolish ICE was democratically organized by members of the Syracuse community and the organizations they are involved with.

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION WOULD LIKE TO ENDORSE please contact any of the “hosting” organizations.

Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
New York Immigration Coalition
Beyond War and Militarism (A joint council of CNY Solidarity and Syracuse Peace Council)
Green Party of Onondaga
Occupy Syracuse
Democratic Socialists of America – Syracuse
Syracuse Peace Council
Black Cuse Pride
CNY Poor People Campaign
Geneva’s Womens Assembly
CNY Solidarity
Rochester Rapid Response Network

Accessibility information TBA

Un día de acción para abolir ICE ha sido llamado a nivel nacional. La gente de Syracuse, que salió a la calle en junio contra la separación familiar, participará en esta convocatoria el 31 de julio.

No debemos aceptar los débiles ofrecimientos de aquellos en el poder, que nos ofrecen la detención de toda la familia y el deseo de “reformar ICE”. DECIMOS NO Mientras exista ICE, los inmigrantes vivirán aterrorizados en este país. Exigimos que eliminen el ICE, y exigimos que las familias sean liberadas.

Nuestro día de acción local está planificado para tener dos componentes.
ULTIMA INFORMACION: La fecha de la corte de Marcial de Leon Aguilar ha sido cambiada al dia 21 de Agosto a las 11:30 am.

12:00 – 1:30 Nos reuniremos fuera del Edificio Federal (100 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13261) y luego caminaremos 3 cuadras hacia la oficina de ICE escondida en el centro de Syracuse (401 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202).

Escucharemos a los oradores sobre por qué y cómo debemos abolir el ICE, y para qué más podemos luchar a nivel local. Esto incluye licencias de conducir para todas las personas de Nueva York, establecer a Syracuse como una ciudad santuario, detener todas las relaciones laborales entre la policía de Siracusa y el ICE, y eliminar la aduana y la patrulla fronteriza de las estaciones de autobuses.

Esta manifestación para abolir el ICE fue organizada democráticamente por miembros de la comunidad de Syracuse y las organizaciones con las que están involucrados.

SI SU ORGANIZACIÓN QUIERE RESPALDAR, póngase en contacto con cualquiera de las organizaciones de “hosting”.

Centro de trabajadores de CNY
Organización Socialista Internacional – Siracusa
Coalición de Inmigración de Nueva York
Más allá de la guerra y el militarismo (Un consejo conjunto de CNY Solidarity y Syracuse Peace Council)
Fiesta Verde de Onondaga
Ocupar Syracuse
Socialistas Democráticos de América – Syracuse
Consejo de paz de Syracuse
Campana de la Gente Pobre de CNY
Equipo de Respuesta Rapida de Rochester
Solidaridad del Centro de Nueva York

La información de accesibilidad se agregará aquí.

Find Facebook link here:

Families Belong Together & Free: Rally Against Family Separation

Join us at Perseverance Park where we will protest the racist deportations occurring here in Syracuse. Local ICE agents are actively kidnapping and deporting members of our community, and we must challenge this form of violence. We will march three blocks to the unmarked ICE office hidden in downtown Syracuse.

From the border to Syracuse and all over the country, families are being torn apart by a government that criminalizes, detains, and deports them. Recently, the Trump administration escalated its racist attacks on immigrants by separating children from their parents at the border and putting them in cages. After public outcry, their “solution” was to keep families together… in detention centers. Jailing families is not a solution.

This goes beyond Trump. Deportation is part of a system that targets and profits off of immigrants and people of color. Now is the time to be clear: this is about putting an end to criminalization, detention, and deportations in our communities. NO ONE should be kept from the place they choose to call home and the people they choose to call family.

This action will be occurring in tandem with thousands of actions across the United States where people are demanding that ICE be shut down, and that no human being is illegal. You can see some of those actions here:

Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network
New York Immigration Coalition
Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
Palestine Solidarity Collective
Syracuse Childcare Collective
Syracuse Peace Council
March for Our Lives Syracuse
Syracuse Students for Change
Indivisible Syracuse
Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America
Syracuse Graduate Employees United
CNY National Organization for Women
Beyond War and Militarism – A joint committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and the CNY Solidarity Coalition
National Association of Social Workers – New York State Central Division
CNY Poor People’s Campaign
CNY Solidarity Coalition

Accessbility information:

Breathing disabilities: Please do not smoke in the area around the rally. Additionally, please avoid wearing scented body products such as scented deodorant, hair spray, perfume, and lotion. We prefer some body odor over a medical emergency!

Spanish translation: Will be available through volunteer interpreters.

ASL interpretation: We have made contact with Aurora of CNY who are actively working to to secure interpretation. We have also contacted some certified volunteers as an alternative. We will update as soon as possible.

Wheelchair accessibility: Perseverance park is accessible via graded street-sidewalk slopes. We will walk down the street 3 blocks and stay to the right side of the street to avoid sidewalk construction. We will cross the street at Jefferson St.

Overheating: We will have at least two volunteer medics on site in case of heat related illness. It will be a scorcher at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Please bring water and skin protection.


Únete con nosotros en el Parque Perseverancia donde protestaremos las deportaciones racistas que están ocurriendo en Syracuse. Los agentes locales de ICE están activamente secuestrando y deportando a miembros de nuestra comunidad y debemos de confrontar esta forma de violencia. Marcharemos tres cuadras hacia la oficina de ICE sin marcar, escondida en el centro de Syracuse.

Desde la frontera hasta Syracuse y por todo el país, familias están siendo separadas por un gobierno que las criminaliza, detiene, y deporta. Recientemente la administración de Trump aumentó estos ataques contra las personas inmigrantes al separar a los padres de sus hijos y ponerlos en jaulas en la frontera.
Después de que ésta atrocidad ocasionó un escándalo público, la “solución” del gobierno fue la de mantener a las familias unidas… pero en los centros de detención! Encarcelar a las familias NO es la solución!

Esto va más allá de Trump. La deportación es parte de un sistema que se enriquece de los inmigrantes y de las personas de color. Ahora es el momento de ser claros: esto se trata de poner un alto a la criminalización, detención y deportación en nuestras comunidades. NADIE debe ser apartado del lugar que ellos escogen llamar su casa y de la gente que ellos escogen llamar su familia.

Esta acción sucederá al mismo tiempo que miles de acciones por todo el país donde la gente está exigiendo que se cierre ICE y proclamando que ninguna persona es ilegal.

Pueden ver algunas de esas acciones aquí:

Organizaciones auspiciadoras
Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network
New York Immigration Coalition
Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
Palestine Solidarity Collective
Syracuse Childcare Collective
Syracuse Peace Council
March for Our Lives Syracuse
Syracuse Students for Change
Indivisible Syracuse
Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America
Syracuse Graduate Employees United
CNY National Organization for Women
Beyond War and Militarism – A joint committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and the CNY Solidarity Coalition
National Association of Social Workers – New York State Central Division
CNY Poor People’s Campaign
CNY Solidarity Coalition

Información de accesibilidad:

Traducción al español: estará disponible a través de intérpretes voluntarios.

Interpretación de ASL: nos hemos puesto en contacto con Aurora de CNY, quienes están trabajando activamente para garantizar la interpretación. También hemos contactado a algunos voluntarios certificados como alternativa. Actualizaremos tan pronto como sea posible.

Accesibilidad para sillas de ruedas: se puede acceder al parque Perseverance a través de pendientes graduadas en la acera de la calle. Caminaremos por la calle tres cuadras y nos quedaremos al lado derecho de la calle para evitar la construcción de acera. Cruzaremos la calle en Jefferson St.

Sobrecalentamiento: Tendremos al menos dos médicos voluntarios en el lugar en caso de una enfermedad relacionada con el calor. Será un quemador a aproximadamente 95 grados Fahrenheit. Por favor traiga agua y protección de la piel.

Link to Facebook here:

Action Plan! Families Belong Together/Familias Pertenecen Juntas

Trump’s recent executive order will do nothing to reunite the families that have been ripped apart by I.C.E. officers. It preserves the “zero-tolerance” policy that has violently increased deportations of immigrants, and it will keep families detained indefinitely. Saying “No!” is not enough, and across the country people are taking immediate action to halt the inhumane deportation practices of I.C.E.

Join the Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network, the Workers Center of CNY, the International Socialist Organization, and other Syracuse social justice groups to organize to fight deportations in Syracuse. This will be an open planning meeting in which we will brainstorm for a powerful action that we can take on the June 30th National Day of Action for Immigration Justice.

Bring snacks and drinks to share if you can.
We are currently working to secure childcare and ASL interpretation.
Spanish translation will be provided.
The building is wheelchair accessible on the Genesee face of the building.
* Please post in the comments for other accommodations.

Please avoid wearing perfumes, fragrances, or washing with a scented soap before arriving as we’d like to keep the space as accessible as possible to those with sensitivities. Thank you.

CAN’T MAKE THE MEETING BUT WANT TO BE INVOLVED? Send us a message with your email address and we’ll add you to a post-meeting message!


Link to the Facebook event here: 

La orden ejecutiva reciente de Trump no hará nada para reunir a las familias que han sido destrozadas por I.C.E. oficiales. Mantiene la política de “tolerancia cero” que ha aumentado violentamente las deportaciones de inmigrantes, y mantendrá a las familias detenidas indefinidamente. Diciendo “¡No!” no es suficiente, y en todo el país, las personas están tomando medidas inmediatas para detener las inhumanas prácticas de deportación de I.C.E.

Únase a la Red de Defensa de los Inmigrantes y Refugiados de Syracuse, la Organización Internacional Socialista y otros grupos de justicia social de Syracuse para organizar la lucha contra las deportaciones en Syracuse. Esta será una reunión de planificación abierta en la que haremos una lluvia de ideas para una acción poderosa que podemos tomar para el 30 de junio Día de Acción para la Justicia de Inmigración.

Trae tentempiés y bebidas para compartir si puedes.
Actualmente estamos trabajando para asegurar el cuidado de niños y la interpretación de ASL.
Se proporcionará traducción al español.
El edificio es accesible para sillas de ruedas en la fachada del edificio Genesee.
* Por favor publique en los comentarios para otras adaptaciones.

Por favor, evite usar perfumes, fragancias o lavar con un jabón perfumado antes de llegar ya que nos gustaría mantener el espacio lo más accesible posible para aquellos con sensibilidades. Gracias.

¿NO PUEDE HACER LA REUNIÓN PERO QUIERE PARTICIPAR? Envíenos un mensaje con su dirección de correo electrónico y lo agregaremos a un mensaje posterior a la reunión.


Update on Dolores 5/10/18

May 8, 2018 Court for Dolores Bustamante Synopsis by Lory Ghertner
A judge has denied Dolores’s asylum case today [05/08/18] based on the simple fact that an asylum case must be presented within 365 days of entry into the US. In brief, her asylum case was based on two factors:
  1. Domestic violence with the claim that her protected “ social group” was defined as Mexican women who cannot escape violence of a husband. ( ) Because she was only in a civil union, the judge did not recognize her case under that theory.
  2. Gang violence and/or the refusal to join a gang. Her claim was based on the murder of her son with two friends after being kidnapped and tortured. Neither Dolores nor Miriam could name a gang, which murdered three people. Because there was no “proof” or clear evidence of gang involvement that theory was also dropped.

Dolores was on the stand being questioned by her lawyer for over two hours, followed by ~5 minutes of cross examination by the government’s attorney, who used the above arguments to ruin Dolores’ claim of asylum. Then her daughter, Miriam, quite bravely, was on the stand for 15 minutes with no cross examination. This was followed by a similar experience with her Pastor, Milton Irizzary. In his ruling, the judge actually blamed Dolores for not leaving an abusive relationship and essentially for her son’s death. He also referred to a 2017 study from the Department of State, showing that Mexico now has laws preventing domestic violence and has convicted 11 (eleven) people over the past year. Her attorney will be filling an appeal by June 7 to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), a three judge panel that will determine whether the judge today gave a proper judgment. This will take approximately one year and will most likely also fail But this will be followed by another appeal to the federal courts, which will take over another year to resolve. The bottom line: based on the law, it appears that her case was properly adjudicated despite the ridiculous arguments presented by the judge. She has at least another 2 years before being ordered removed from this country. Thank you to all those who stood with Dolores and Miriam today and to all of you who have expressed concern, prayed for her, and generally wished her well through this trying, frightening, and frustrating experience. Tonight they both seem relieved that this part of the ordeal is over.

Lory Ghertner

Rally in Solidarity with Dolores!

When: Tuesday May 8, 2018 08:00am-11:00am

Where: Batavia Federal Detention Center

We rally again to support Dolores! Her previous trial date at the Federal Detention Center was rescheduled last December for this May. We continue to stand in solidarity with Dolores and hope that at this trial date a request for asylum will be granted to her.
After fleeing abuse in Mexico, Dolores settled in Wayne County with her young daughter as a single Mom more than 13 years ago. As a valued worker on an apple farm, a community leader of farmworker women, worker rights advocate and active Board member of two organizations, Dolores deserves to stay in Wayne County with her young daughter where she has made her home. She has represented farmworker women and testified at conferences in the US including at Harvard and Washington, DC, helps her fellow farmworkers in need, and contributes to her community. In 2014, when Dolores was stopped for a minor traffic violation, State Police turned her over to immigration authorities and she was placed in deportation proceedings.

Stand in solidarity with Dolores!
Keep families together! Stop deportations now!

Link to Facebook Event Here 

*Press Release* Local Immigrant Advocates Applaud Governor Cuomo Press Conference on ICE Raids, Call for More Support to Local Groups on the Frontlines

Local Immigrant Advocates Applaud Governor Cuomo Press Conference on ICE Raids–Call for More Support to Local Groups on the Frontlines  

CONTACT INFORMATION: Rebecca Fuentes, organizer with the WCCNY‭, (315) 657-6799‬

Fabiola Ortiz Valdez, organizer with the New York Immigration Coalition, (718) 514-6265

April 25, 2018, Syracuse, NY – On April 18, 2018, organizers from the Workers’ Center of CNY received a frantic call from a dairy farmer, John Collins, stating that just minutes before he had witnessed an unlawful arrest of his employee, Marcial De Leon Aguilar. Mr. Collins recounted how at least seven officers dressed in civilian clothes came to his farm without a warrant and physically assaulted and arrested Mr. De Leon Aguilar in front of his small children, as well as assaulting Mr. Collins and destroying his property.

Today, Governor Cuomo held a press conference condemning the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid that took place in Rome, NY. We are thrilled that Governor Cuomo is ready to commit resources to fight the aggressions of ICE in upstate NY. Advocates and community members in Syracuse share the Governor’s outrage. We support the Governor in taking necessary steps to ensure that our immigrant communities are safe, such as his proposed executive order that bars ICE from entering NY State facilities without a warrant.

Peter Swords, a social worker and member of the Syracuse Peace Council states: “These actions send a message of affirmation to all that NY State continues its historic welcome of immigrants and refugees.  It particularly reassures families with children that they have some protection against arbitrary traumatic removal of their parents, and that families will feel safer about entering courts, schools, and hospitals, so they will keep their rights to self-determination in the important areas of housing, education and employment.”

We believe the Governor can even more effectively protect immigrant rights and public safety by reaching out to the local organizations who are documenting and responding first to these incidents for their policy and action suggestions. We urge all NYS Legislators and the Governor to support the campaign Green Light NY Driving Together to expand access to driver’s licenses, including to undocumented immigrants. In addition, these groups are highly under-resourced for their work. We strongly encourage targeting funding to these frontline grassroots organizations to ensure that immigrant needs are being met as effectively as possible.

Sheila Sicilia, a member of the Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network said: “The IRDN and the Workers’ Center, along with other community groups, have been fighting for human rights against the abuses of ICE and CBP.  We thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing and speaking out about this growing problem, and welcome him and the resources that he can provide.”

Kayla Kelechian, an organizer with the Workers’ Center of NY said in a statement: “The fear that plagues this community is reinforced by the use of illegal raids and physically aggressive tactics by ICE and the federal government. Both ICE and the Federal government under the Trump administration violated the rights of New Yorkers. In this case, citizenship did not matter–lawful citizens and immigrants are both affected. We must recognize the organizations and the resources they provide, regardless of their capacity, to advocate for the directly-affected, and the families who are left devastated. They continue to be our greatest asset in response to these difficult times.”

Local Immigrant Advocates Applaud Governor Cuomo Press Conference on ICE Raids

Mobilization to Batavia Detention Center

“We Will Not Be Caged, Immigrant Women Speak Out!”

Please join the WCCNY and New York Immigration Coalition on Wednesday, March 28th at 6:30 am at 2013 E Genesee st. Syracuse ,  as we depart  to Batavia Detention Center in Upstate New York. This request to mobilize is URGENT!

Our Upstate brothers and sisters NEED YOU to come with us to support one of our community members who is being targeted for deportation! Please join us to support Arely, a member of our upstate community and a mother of three U.S citizen kids. She was turned over to Border Patrol by the Troopers in 2013 because she and her husband did not have a licence when driving to Ithaca, NY. Despite checking in with ICE for years, recently ICE has changed her phone check in to in person and now her most recent check in scheduled for 9:00 AM on Wednesday, March 28th at Batavia Detention Center.

Please stand with us to protect this fierce advocate and community leader and demand that the detention & deportation machine stop ripping families, mothers and children apart!
What: Rally Outside Batavia Federal Detention Center
Who:  NYIC, Worker Justice Center, and Worker Center CNY
Bring together our members from across the state to support & Highlight Women & Mothers facing deportation in Upstate NY.
Support a member of the Worker Center of CNY whose check-in was moved from Syracuse to Batavia on that day.
Call attention to the expansion of Batavia to now detain Women.

More information on the Facebook event page

Immigrant Women Creating Sanctuary in Central NY!!!

Where: Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice 2013 E Genesee St

When: Thursday March 8 7-9pm

On International Women’s Day Immigrant women will talk about creating sanctuary in Central NY to keep our families together and how we are organizing for dignity and respect in the workplace and in the community.

The event is free but donations will be accepted for families facing separation due to the unjust and inhumane immigration system.
Everyone is encouraged to donate at these families fundraising campaigns:
Help the family of Rene Mendez Perez
Help the family of Arely Tomas Navarro

Link to Facebook event Here

Free Hector! Vigil and Press Conference!!

Hector Navarro Miranda, the father of three US children and an outstanding member of our Syracuse community, was abruptly and unjustly detained by ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) only a few days before Christmas.

On Tuesday, February 20th 2018, his family, friends and allies will have a vigil and press conference to #Free Hector.
At 9:00 am family and supporters will accompany him for his scheduled court hearing.

Please join us in support of family reunification in solidarity with all immigrant families who are suffering this inhumane immigration system.

You can join the group of supporters who will be leaving at 6:00 am from the Center for Peace and Social Justice.
Address: 2013 East Genesee St. Syracuse NY 13210
Parking in the back of the building.

For more information please call: Rebecca Fuentes 315-657-6799


Link to Facebook Event Here