Stand Up for City Jobs!

Please share the following invitation from the Urban Jobs Task Force. The WCCNY is a member of the UJTF and we Stand Up for City Jobs!

“On Tuesday, August 21 at 8:30 am in the Common Council Chambers (city hall, 3rd flr) the Syracuse Industrial Development (SIDA) Board is conducting two public hearings about two development projects.

These two projects are asking for a real property, sales and mortgage recording tax exemptions.

 The Urban Jobs Task Force wants to fill the Common Council Chambers for these hearings to impress the city and the SIDA board that these tax exemptions must come with community benefits in the forms of city hiring and contracting. See attached flyer.

 One project is quite big: a $31 M redevelopment of the Post-Standard building by VIP Structures.  The UJTF successfully worked with VIP on the PriceRite Build.  We will be urging VIP to work with us again and urging SIDA to make it verifiable and enforceable policy that developers getting city tax breaks must hire out of city and give contracts to Minority and women-owned firms.

The second project is smaller: a $5 M consolidation at 222 Teal Ave of Central Restaurant Supply of N. Salina and Gerharz Equipment Inc at East Molloy Rd.”

Download the flyer here: SIDA Hearing 8.21.18

More information about the Urban Jobs Task Force here:


Summer Cleaning at Slocum House

Date: August 11, 2018

Time: 10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.

Location: Slocum House (please contact Julie for specific address)

Join the Friends of Farmworkers for a belated spring cleaning of Slocum House from 10am until 2pm. While we encourage people to be there the whole time, show up for what you can do. Please RSVP by emailing Julie Dragonetti, or here by saying you’re going so we can plan tasks and know how many people will be able to assist. Any questions please contact Julie

Link to Facebook event here:

Abolish ICE! Day of Action – Syracuse

A day of action to abolish ICE has been called nationwide. The people of Syracuse, who came into the streets in June against family separation, will be participating in this call on July 31st.

We must not accept the feeble offers of those in power, who offer us entire-family detention and the desire to “reform ICE”. WE SAY NO. As long as ICE exists, migrants will live in terror in this country. We demand that they abolish ICE, and we demand the families be freed.

UPDATE: Marcial de Leon Aguilar’s court has been reset for 8/21/2018 at 11:30 am at the Federal Building in Syracuse NY.

We are still holding the rally and march, please join us on Tuesday July 31:

12:00 – 1:30 We will rally outside of the Federal Building (100 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13261) and then we will march 3 blocks to the ICE office hidden in downtown Syracuse (401 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202).

We will hear from speakers on why and how we must abolish ICE, and what else we can fight for at the local level. This includes drivers licenses for all people of NY, establishing Syracuse as a sanctuary city, halting all working relationships between Syracuse Police and ICE, and removing Customs and Border Patrol from the bus stations.

This demonstration to abolish ICE was democratically organized by members of the Syracuse community and the organizations they are involved with.

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION WOULD LIKE TO ENDORSE please contact any of the “hosting” organizations.

Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
New York Immigration Coalition
Beyond War and Militarism (A joint council of CNY Solidarity and Syracuse Peace Council)
Green Party of Onondaga
Occupy Syracuse
Democratic Socialists of America – Syracuse
Syracuse Peace Council
Black Cuse Pride
CNY Poor People Campaign
Geneva’s Womens Assembly
CNY Solidarity
Rochester Rapid Response Network

Accessibility information TBA

Un día de acción para abolir ICE ha sido llamado a nivel nacional. La gente de Syracuse, que salió a la calle en junio contra la separación familiar, participará en esta convocatoria el 31 de julio.

No debemos aceptar los débiles ofrecimientos de aquellos en el poder, que nos ofrecen la detención de toda la familia y el deseo de “reformar ICE”. DECIMOS NO Mientras exista ICE, los inmigrantes vivirán aterrorizados en este país. Exigimos que eliminen el ICE, y exigimos que las familias sean liberadas.

Nuestro día de acción local está planificado para tener dos componentes.
ULTIMA INFORMACION: La fecha de la corte de Marcial de Leon Aguilar ha sido cambiada al dia 21 de Agosto a las 11:30 am.

12:00 – 1:30 Nos reuniremos fuera del Edificio Federal (100 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13261) y luego caminaremos 3 cuadras hacia la oficina de ICE escondida en el centro de Syracuse (401 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202).

Escucharemos a los oradores sobre por qué y cómo debemos abolir el ICE, y para qué más podemos luchar a nivel local. Esto incluye licencias de conducir para todas las personas de Nueva York, establecer a Syracuse como una ciudad santuario, detener todas las relaciones laborales entre la policía de Siracusa y el ICE, y eliminar la aduana y la patrulla fronteriza de las estaciones de autobuses.

Esta manifestación para abolir el ICE fue organizada democráticamente por miembros de la comunidad de Syracuse y las organizaciones con las que están involucrados.

SI SU ORGANIZACIÓN QUIERE RESPALDAR, póngase en contacto con cualquiera de las organizaciones de “hosting”.

Centro de trabajadores de CNY
Organización Socialista Internacional – Siracusa
Coalición de Inmigración de Nueva York
Más allá de la guerra y el militarismo (Un consejo conjunto de CNY Solidarity y Syracuse Peace Council)
Fiesta Verde de Onondaga
Ocupar Syracuse
Socialistas Democráticos de América – Syracuse
Consejo de paz de Syracuse
Campana de la Gente Pobre de CNY
Equipo de Respuesta Rapida de Rochester
Solidaridad del Centro de Nueva York

La información de accesibilidad se agregará aquí.

Find Facebook link here:

Torneo de Fútbol/Soccer Tournament!

We are very excited to be having our annual family friendly soccer tournament fundraiser. We are in need of volunteers to help with set up, serving and selling food, childcare, staffing the welcome/info table (especially our bilingual friends!), clean up, etc.

We are also asking for donations to help us purchase gifts that will be raffling throughout tournament and to purchase ingredients to help us cook the delicious homemade food we will be selling on Sunday.

If you would like to make a donation, you can come by our office. We certainly appreciate your donations whether that be your time or your financial contriubtions! Please email Kayla at or give her a call at 315-385-9874 to volunteer or to donate.Again, we truly appreciate your support!

Estamos muy contentos de que se acerca nuestro torneo anual de futbol! Es un evento familiar y amistoso donde no solo recaudamos fondos para el Centro de Trabajadores pero también nos divertimos todos. Estamos buscando voluntarios para que nos ayuden a servir comida, con actividades para los niños, estar en las mesas de bienvenida, limpiar, etc.

También estamos solicitando donaciones para ayudarnos a comprar premios para las rifas y ingredientes para la comida que se servirá el domingo.

Si quiere hacer una donación, puede venir a la oficina. Apreciamos mucho las donaciones ya sean de tiempo o contribución monetaria. Por favor enviar email a Kayla at o llama al 315-385-9874 para hacer voluntariado o donar. De nuevo, apreciamos muchísimo su apoyo!!!

Link to Facebook event here:

Families Belong Together & Free: Rally Against Family Separation

Join us at Perseverance Park where we will protest the racist deportations occurring here in Syracuse. Local ICE agents are actively kidnapping and deporting members of our community, and we must challenge this form of violence. We will march three blocks to the unmarked ICE office hidden in downtown Syracuse.

From the border to Syracuse and all over the country, families are being torn apart by a government that criminalizes, detains, and deports them. Recently, the Trump administration escalated its racist attacks on immigrants by separating children from their parents at the border and putting them in cages. After public outcry, their “solution” was to keep families together… in detention centers. Jailing families is not a solution.

This goes beyond Trump. Deportation is part of a system that targets and profits off of immigrants and people of color. Now is the time to be clear: this is about putting an end to criminalization, detention, and deportations in our communities. NO ONE should be kept from the place they choose to call home and the people they choose to call family.

This action will be occurring in tandem with thousands of actions across the United States where people are demanding that ICE be shut down, and that no human being is illegal. You can see some of those actions here:

Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network
New York Immigration Coalition
Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
Palestine Solidarity Collective
Syracuse Childcare Collective
Syracuse Peace Council
March for Our Lives Syracuse
Syracuse Students for Change
Indivisible Syracuse
Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America
Syracuse Graduate Employees United
CNY National Organization for Women
Beyond War and Militarism – A joint committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and the CNY Solidarity Coalition
National Association of Social Workers – New York State Central Division
CNY Poor People’s Campaign
CNY Solidarity Coalition

Accessbility information:

Breathing disabilities: Please do not smoke in the area around the rally. Additionally, please avoid wearing scented body products such as scented deodorant, hair spray, perfume, and lotion. We prefer some body odor over a medical emergency!

Spanish translation: Will be available through volunteer interpreters.

ASL interpretation: We have made contact with Aurora of CNY who are actively working to to secure interpretation. We have also contacted some certified volunteers as an alternative. We will update as soon as possible.

Wheelchair accessibility: Perseverance park is accessible via graded street-sidewalk slopes. We will walk down the street 3 blocks and stay to the right side of the street to avoid sidewalk construction. We will cross the street at Jefferson St.

Overheating: We will have at least two volunteer medics on site in case of heat related illness. It will be a scorcher at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Please bring water and skin protection.


Únete con nosotros en el Parque Perseverancia donde protestaremos las deportaciones racistas que están ocurriendo en Syracuse. Los agentes locales de ICE están activamente secuestrando y deportando a miembros de nuestra comunidad y debemos de confrontar esta forma de violencia. Marcharemos tres cuadras hacia la oficina de ICE sin marcar, escondida en el centro de Syracuse.

Desde la frontera hasta Syracuse y por todo el país, familias están siendo separadas por un gobierno que las criminaliza, detiene, y deporta. Recientemente la administración de Trump aumentó estos ataques contra las personas inmigrantes al separar a los padres de sus hijos y ponerlos en jaulas en la frontera.
Después de que ésta atrocidad ocasionó un escándalo público, la “solución” del gobierno fue la de mantener a las familias unidas… pero en los centros de detención! Encarcelar a las familias NO es la solución!

Esto va más allá de Trump. La deportación es parte de un sistema que se enriquece de los inmigrantes y de las personas de color. Ahora es el momento de ser claros: esto se trata de poner un alto a la criminalización, detención y deportación en nuestras comunidades. NADIE debe ser apartado del lugar que ellos escogen llamar su casa y de la gente que ellos escogen llamar su familia.

Esta acción sucederá al mismo tiempo que miles de acciones por todo el país donde la gente está exigiendo que se cierre ICE y proclamando que ninguna persona es ilegal.

Pueden ver algunas de esas acciones aquí:

Organizaciones auspiciadoras
Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network
New York Immigration Coalition
Worker’s Center of CNY
International Socialist Organization – Syracuse
Palestine Solidarity Collective
Syracuse Childcare Collective
Syracuse Peace Council
March for Our Lives Syracuse
Syracuse Students for Change
Indivisible Syracuse
Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America
Syracuse Graduate Employees United
CNY National Organization for Women
Beyond War and Militarism – A joint committee of the Syracuse Peace Council and the CNY Solidarity Coalition
National Association of Social Workers – New York State Central Division
CNY Poor People’s Campaign
CNY Solidarity Coalition

Información de accesibilidad:

Traducción al español: estará disponible a través de intérpretes voluntarios.

Interpretación de ASL: nos hemos puesto en contacto con Aurora de CNY, quienes están trabajando activamente para garantizar la interpretación. También hemos contactado a algunos voluntarios certificados como alternativa. Actualizaremos tan pronto como sea posible.

Accesibilidad para sillas de ruedas: se puede acceder al parque Perseverance a través de pendientes graduadas en la acera de la calle. Caminaremos por la calle tres cuadras y nos quedaremos al lado derecho de la calle para evitar la construcción de acera. Cruzaremos la calle en Jefferson St.

Sobrecalentamiento: Tendremos al menos dos médicos voluntarios en el lugar en caso de una enfermedad relacionada con el calor. Será un quemador a aproximadamente 95 grados Fahrenheit. Por favor traiga agua y protección de la piel.

Link to Facebook here:

Action Plan! Families Belong Together/Familias Pertenecen Juntas

Trump’s recent executive order will do nothing to reunite the families that have been ripped apart by I.C.E. officers. It preserves the “zero-tolerance” policy that has violently increased deportations of immigrants, and it will keep families detained indefinitely. Saying “No!” is not enough, and across the country people are taking immediate action to halt the inhumane deportation practices of I.C.E.

Join the Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network, the Workers Center of CNY, the International Socialist Organization, and other Syracuse social justice groups to organize to fight deportations in Syracuse. This will be an open planning meeting in which we will brainstorm for a powerful action that we can take on the June 30th National Day of Action for Immigration Justice.

Bring snacks and drinks to share if you can.
We are currently working to secure childcare and ASL interpretation.
Spanish translation will be provided.
The building is wheelchair accessible on the Genesee face of the building.
* Please post in the comments for other accommodations.

Please avoid wearing perfumes, fragrances, or washing with a scented soap before arriving as we’d like to keep the space as accessible as possible to those with sensitivities. Thank you.

CAN’T MAKE THE MEETING BUT WANT TO BE INVOLVED? Send us a message with your email address and we’ll add you to a post-meeting message!


Link to the Facebook event here: 

La orden ejecutiva reciente de Trump no hará nada para reunir a las familias que han sido destrozadas por I.C.E. oficiales. Mantiene la política de “tolerancia cero” que ha aumentado violentamente las deportaciones de inmigrantes, y mantendrá a las familias detenidas indefinidamente. Diciendo “¡No!” no es suficiente, y en todo el país, las personas están tomando medidas inmediatas para detener las inhumanas prácticas de deportación de I.C.E.

Únase a la Red de Defensa de los Inmigrantes y Refugiados de Syracuse, la Organización Internacional Socialista y otros grupos de justicia social de Syracuse para organizar la lucha contra las deportaciones en Syracuse. Esta será una reunión de planificación abierta en la que haremos una lluvia de ideas para una acción poderosa que podemos tomar para el 30 de junio Día de Acción para la Justicia de Inmigración.

Trae tentempiés y bebidas para compartir si puedes.
Actualmente estamos trabajando para asegurar el cuidado de niños y la interpretación de ASL.
Se proporcionará traducción al español.
El edificio es accesible para sillas de ruedas en la fachada del edificio Genesee.
* Por favor publique en los comentarios para otras adaptaciones.

Por favor, evite usar perfumes, fragancias o lavar con un jabón perfumado antes de llegar ya que nos gustaría mantener el espacio lo más accesible posible para aquellos con sensibilidades. Gracias.

¿NO PUEDE HACER LA REUNIÓN PERO QUIERE PARTICIPAR? Envíenos un mensaje con su dirección de correo electrónico y lo agregaremos a un mensaje posterior a la reunión.


Our fight for the protected right to organize continues!

May 10, 2016 Filling of lawsuit in Albany NY

June 19, 2018 ALBANY NY– Plaintiffs Crispin Hernandez, the Workers’ Center of Central New York, and the Worker Justice Center of New York, who are represented by the New York Civil Liberties Union, filed an appeal late Monday in a case challenging a Jim Crow-era New York law that denies farmworkers the right to organize without fear of retaliation. The lawsuit challenges the exclusion of farmworkers from the State Employment Relations Act, which protects the labor rights of virtually all other private sector workers.
Crispin Hernandez was fired from one of New York’s largest dairies,
Marks Farms LLC in Lowville, after his employer saw him meeting with co-workers and an organizer to discuss workplace conditions, even though it was after work hours and in a worker’s home. Hernandez, who had been working 12-hour shifts for six days a week at Mark’s Farms since he was a teenager, lost his job and his home. He filed suit with the support of the two worker centers and the NYCLU to ensure that farmworkers across New York have the same rights as all other workers.
“Today is an important day for farmworkers who have been fighting to be treated justly. Without farmworkers and our labor, New Yorkers wouldn’t have fruits or vegetables to put on their dinner table,” said Mr. Hernandez. “We deserve to be treated like human beings, without fear of retaliation.”
In January, the Albany County Supreme Court granted a motion to dismiss the case. Mr. Hernandez and the two workers centers contend to the appellate division of the Third Department that the exclusion of farmworkers violates the rights to organize, equal protection and due process under the New York Constitution.
“Farmworkers make essential contributions to New York State and to all of our lives. Their labor produces the food, nutrition, and money that sustain our economy and our communities,” said Rebecca Fuentes, lead organizer with the Workers’ Center of Central New York. “It’s a shame the state excludes them from one of our most important protections: the right to collectively bargain without fear.”
Unlike other workers in New York State, farmworkers have long been excluded from the right to organize for better pay, benefits and workplace conditions without fear of retaliation. The State Employment Relations Act, passed in 1937, incorporated the federal New Deal Era-protections for workers into state law. However, in doing so, the state law created a carve-out for farmworkers, the majority of whom were black at the time, that legislators used as a compromise to get the votes of segregationist members of Congress. This exclusion now applies to farmworkers in New York today, who are, for the most part, immigrant workers. This lawsuit seeks to eliminate that carve-out and grant farmworkers the same rights as other workers to advocate for themselves in the workplace.
“Farmworkers whom we depend on to put food on our tables deserve to be treated humanely and with dignity like any other hardworking New Yorker,” said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. “New York must end this outdated, racist policy from the Jim Crow-era, and treat farmworkers fairly and equally.”
Even though farming in New York is a multi-billion dollar industry, farmworkers often earn wages well below the poverty level, and many live in overcrowded labor camps and toil under sweatshop-like conditions. The combination of poverty, isolation, and lack of permanent legal status and language access makes farmworkers among the most exploited groups in the American labor force.
“There is simply no justification for depriving farmworkers of the basic right to organize,” said Carly Fox, an advocate with the Workers Justice Center of New York. “For many decades, each time farmworkers and their allies have advocated for much-needed changes to laws governing their labor rights, the Farm Bureau has used its power and influence to lobby New York lawmakers to preserve the status quo and leave farmworkers in a position of vulnerability. Justice is clearly on the side of the farmworkers, and we will keep fighting until we win full equal rights.”
When the plaintiffs initially filed suit in May of 2016, both the Governor Andrew Cuomo and then Attorney General Eric Schneiderman publicly agreed that excluding farmworkers from the right to organize conflicts with the state constitution. Both declined to defend the lawsuit in court. However, the New York Farm Bureau requested that the court allow it to intervene to defend the law as a party in the case. In January, the State Supreme Court dismissed the case, in a brief opinion that offered little analysis of the core arguments.
“The court ruled that farmworkers do not have a constitutional right to organize, despite the very clear language in the New York Constitution giving all employees the right to organize,” said Erin Beth Harrist, lead counsel and senior staff attorney at the NYCLU. “Allowing this racist exclusion that continues to leave farmworkers unprotected in New York goes against our values and our laws.”
The New York State Attorney General’s office and the New York Farm Bureau are expected to file briefs regarding the appeal in the coming weeks.

In Loving Memory of Selena Hidalgo Calderon/En Memoria de Selena Hidalgo Calderon

In Loving Memory of Selena Hidalgo Calderon.
Oct. 15, 1999 – May 17, 2018
Saturday June 9, 2018
Please join us for a Memorial Service

People close to Estela are asked to arrive at 5:30pm. Selena will be brought in at 5:30pm, and Estela and family/friends will walk in behind Selena.

6:00 PM – Viewing, prayer, singing and organ music

7:00 PM – Mass

7:30 PM – Reception

Park Central Presbyterian Church
504 E Fayette St
Syracuse, NY 13202


En Memoria de Selena Hidalgo Calderon.
15 de Octubre 1999 – 17 de Mayo 2018
Sábado 9 de Junio 2018
Por favor unirse a nosotros para un servicio conmemorativo.

Relativos y amigos de Estela por favor llegar a las cinco y media. Selena será traída a las cinco y media y Estela, los relativos, y amigos caminarán detrás de Selena.

6:00PM – Ver, oraciones, cantar, y música de órgano

7:00PM – Misa

7:30PM – Recepción

La iglesia de Park Central Presbyterian
504 E Fayette St
Syracuse, NY 13202


Can My Boss Do That?

Save the Date

Date: June 8 2018

Time: 12pm-2pm

Place: 2013 E. Genesee St Syracuse Ny 13210

Bosses Stealing your Tips?

Unsafe Working Conditions?

Not Getting Overtime Pay?

Stolen Wages?

Hurt on the Job?

Come learn and share about your experiences with other workers! Hosted by the Workers’ by the Workers’ Center of Central New York, more details coming soon!

Please RSVP by 05/28/18

How to RSVP: call Kayla Kelechian (315) 385-9874, the Workers’ Center of Central New York (315) 218-5708 or email

Please notify us if you will be needing interpretation or childcare services

Press Statement: Three Local Policies That Can Help Prevent Tragedies/Tres políticas locales que pueden ayudar a prevenir tragedias

Friday June 1st, 2018

Press Contacts:
Yanira Rodríguez 315-744-0329
Sara Curtis 585-447-2125

Syracuse, NY: Three Local Policies That Can Help Prevent Tragedies

1. Equal Access to Survivor Support Resources
While Selena’s death was senseless, it also represents a chilling reality here in the United States. Fifty-five percent of the women murdered in the U.S. are murdered by an intimate partner. Though it is difficult for many survivors and victims of domestic violence to access much needed resources and support, these difficulties are especially acute for immigrant farmworker women.

The current wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric and the aggressive detainment of immigrants directly contribute to the isolation and vulnerability of farmworker women who have limited financial resources and little to no access to the transportation needed to escape dangerous situations.

We point out the barriers while acknowledging the many great local resources for survivors of domestic violence:

Worker Justice Center of NY Domestic & Sexual Violence Project for Farm Worker Women 24-hour Crisis Hotlines – WNY (866)343-8808 & Hudson Valley Region (845)471-3033

Vera House, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (315)468-3260

The Victim Resource Center, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (866)343-8808

2. Driver’s Licenses Regardless of Immigration Status
One tangible way for farmworker women to access basic services and leave dangerous situations is the ability to obtain a driver’s license.

In twelve states, people can receive a driver’s license regardless of immigration status. Unfortunately, New York state is not one of these states, limiting the ability of undocumented workers to access necessities for themselves and their families. The Workers’ Center is collaborating with organizations across the state to make driver’s licenses available to all as part of the Green Light Campaign. New York once ensured equal access to a license but Governor Pataki caved to anti-immigrant sentiment in 2001. NY A10273, which has 28 co-sponsors in the New York Assembly, would allow the state to issue standard licenses to qualified state residents regardless of immigration status.

“Too often, our immigrant communities find themselves in precarious working conditions and/or violent environments,” said Fabiola Ortiz, an organizer with the New York Immigration Coalition and a Workers’ Center ally. “Having a driver’s license would increase the chances of reporting the crimes that immigrant women are victims of.”

“It’s not just a matter of freedom of movement, but of seeking justice. Driver’s licenses are not a privilege, but a necessity, and sometimes can make the difference between life and death,” said Ortiz.

3. Restrict ICE and Border Patrol
Anti-immigrant rhetoric from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the White House, conservative media, and white supremacists hide the fact that immigrants make communities safer. Every study to look at the relationship between violent crime and immigration has concluded that immigrants commit less violent crime than native born US citizens, and more immigrants in a community typically makes that community a safer place to live.

Yet, despite these incontrovertible facts, ICE is attempting to use Selena’s death as justification to further terrorize and criminalize hard-working families in the region.

Given that ICE’s actions make it less safe for farmworker women to receive the support and resources they deserve, it is unconscionable that field director Thomas Feely would use Selena’s death to further the myth of the criminal immigrant. As the “me too” movement has so clearly demonstrated within the past year, men who commit egregious acts of violence against women are found throughout many different spheres of society–including the state attorney’s office, the white house, and at Feely’s own agency. Hundreds of reports were recently released of ICE agents raping and assaulting women and children in their custody.

As Selena’s mother, Estela Hidalgo Calderon said, “We came to this country in search of safety and we never thought we’d find a demon. But there are demons in all places.”

Restricting ICE and border patrol when possible will help give undocumented workers equal access to basic rights and resources. Private companies like Greyhound should restrict border patrol from racial profiling on their buses. Cities and local law enforcement agencies should not collaborate with ICE or border patrol if they want to help keep immigrant communities safe.

Farmworker women need be able to access life-saving resources without fear that they themselves will be torn from their families, criminalized, detained, and/or violated in the process.


Detained, Then Violated: 1,224 Complaints Reveal a Staggering Pattern of Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention. Half of Those Accused Worked for ICE.

ACLU Obtains Documents Showing Widespread Abuse of Child Immigrants in U.S. Custody

Green Light Campaign

Protesters call on Border Patrol to Stop Boarding Buses to Question Passengers

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant

Special Report: The Criminalization of Immigrants in the United States

Viernes 1 de junio de 2018

Contactos de prensa:
Yanira Rodríguez 315-744-0329
Sara Curtis 585-447-2125

Syracuse, NY: Tres políticas locales que pueden ayudar a prevenir tragedias

1. Igualdad de acceso a los recursos de apoyo de sobrevivientes. Al tiempo que la muerte de Selena no tuvo sentido, su muerte representa una realidad inquietante aquí en los Estados Unidos. El cincuenta y cinco por ciento de las mujeres asesinadas en los EE.UU son asesinadas por un compañero íntimo. Aunque es difícil para muchos sobrevivientes y víctimas de violencia doméstica acceder a recursos y apoyo muy necesarios, estas dificultades son especialmente graves para las mujeres trabajadoras agrícolas que son inmigrantes.

La propagación actual de narrativa anti-inmigrante y la detención agresiva de inmigrantes contribuyen directamente al aislamiento y la vulnerabilidad de las mujeres trabajadoras agrícolas que tienen recursos financieros limitados, y poco o ningún acceso a transporte necesario para escapar de situaciones peligrosas.

Señalamos los obstáculos al tiempo que reconocemos que hay muchos y excelentes recursos locales para sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica:

Worker Justice Center of NY Domestic & Sexual Violence Project for Farm Worker Women 24-hour Crisis Hotlines – WNY (866)343-8808 & Hudson Valley Region (845)471-3033

Vera House, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (315)468-3260

The Victim Resource Center, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (866)343-8808

2. Licencias de conducir independientemente del estado migratorio.
La capacidad de conseguir una licencia de conducir es una forma concreta para que las mujeres trabajadoras agrícolas accedan a los servicios básicos y salgan de situaciones peligrosas.

Actualmente, en doce estados, se puede recibir una licencia de conducir independientemente de su estado migratorio. Desafortunadamente, Nueva York no es uno de estos estados, lo que limita la capacidad de los trabajadores indocumentados para acceder a las necesidades para ellos mismos y sus familias. El Centro de Trabajadores está colaborando con organizaciones de todo el estado para que las licencias de conducir estén disponibles para todos como parte de Luz Verde NY Manejando Juntos.

A pesar de que Nueva York aseguró el acceso equitativo de las licencias, el gobernador Pataki cedió al sentimiento antiinmigrante en 2001. Ahora, NY A10273, que lleva 28 co- patrocinadores en la Asamblea de Nueva York, permitiría al estado para emitir licencias estándar a residentes estatales calificados, independientemente de su estado migratorio.

“Con demasiada frecuencia, nuestras comunidades de inmigrantes se encuentran en condiciones de trabajo precarias y / o entornos violentos,” dijo Fabiola Ortiz Valdez, organizadora de la Coalición de Inmigración de Nueva York y aliada del Centro de Trabajadores. “Tener una licencia de conducir aumentaría las posibilidades de denunciar los crímenes de los que son víctimas las mujeres inmigrantes.”

“No es solo una cuestión de libertad de movimiento, sino de buscar justicia. Las licencias de conducir no son un privilegio, sino una necesidad, y en ocasiones pueden marcar la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte. ” dijo Ortiz Valdez.

3. Restringir el ICE y la Patrulla Fronteriza
La retórica antiinmigrante de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE), la Casa Blanca, los medios conservadores y los supremacistas blancos ocultan el hecho de que los inmigrantes hacen que las comunidades sean más seguras. Cada estudio que analiza la relación entre el crimen violento y la inmigración ha concluido que los inmigrantes cometen menos crímenes violentos que los ciudadanos nativos de los EE.UU, y que más inmigrantes en una comunidad suelen hacer de esa comunidad un lugar más seguro para vivir.

A pesar de estos hechos incontrovertibles, ICE está intentando usar la muerte de Selena como justificación para aterrorizar y criminalizar aún más a las familias trabajadoras en la región.

Dado que las acciones de ICE hacen que sea menos seguro para las mujeres trabajadoras agrícolas recibir el apoyo y los recursos que merecen, es inconcebible que el director regional Thomas Feely usará la muerte de Selena para promover el mito del inmigrante criminal. Como el movimiento “yo también” ha demostrado tan claramente el año pasado, los hombres que cometen actos atroces de violencia contra las mujeres se encuentran en muchas esferas diferentes de la sociedad, incluida la fiscalía estatal, la casa blanca y la agencia de Feely. Cientos de informes fueron liberados recientemente por agentes de ICE que violaron y agredieron a mujeres y niños bajo su custodia.

Como madre de Selena, Estela Hidalgo Calderón dijo: “Vinimos a este país en busca de seguridad y nunca pensamos que íbamos a encontrar un demonio. Pero hay demonios en todos los lugares “.

Restringir a ICE y patrullaje fronterizo cuando sea posible ayudará a dar a los trabajadores indocumentados el mismo acceso a los derechos y recursos básicos. Las compañías privadas como Greyhound deberían restringir la patrulla fronteriza de perfiles raciales en sus autobuses. Las ciudades y las agencias locales de aplicación de la ley no deberían colaborar con el ICE o la patrulla fronteriza si desean ayudar a mantener seguras a las comunidades de inmigrantes.

Las mujeres trabajadoras agrícolas deben poder acceder a los recursos que salvan vidas sin temor a que ellas mismas sean arrancadas de sus familias, criminalizadas, detenidas y / o violadas en el proceso.


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