May 19, 2020 / Green Empire Farms outbreak shows NY fails to protect farmworkers (Commentary)

April 27, 2020 / The Daily Orange: Immigrants struggle with health care during coronavirus pandemic

April 24, 2020 / Many CNY workers are being forced to pick: Risk their health or secure their paycheck

May 24, 2019 / WAER: Farmworkers Across CNY and Upstate Claim Victory After Court Ruling; NY Farm Bureau Calls Foul

February 24, 2019/WatertowndailytimesCourt, legislative battle continues over right of farmworkers to organize

February 18, 2019/Syracuse.com100 protest Trump’s border wall at Syracuse federal building

February 17, 2019/Urban CNY:Community Groups Plan President’s Day Protest of Trump’s ‘Fake Emergency’ — Denounce Wall and Attacks on Immigrants

February 14, 2019/LivingstoncountynewsSuit to allow farmworker organizing heard in Albany appeals court

February 11, 2019/TimesunionArguments heard in farm worker rights suit

February 11, 2019/NYDailyNewsEnd this harvest of shame: Give New York farmworkers the labor rights they have long deserved

February 9, 2019/AuburnpubDay off, overtime pay and more: NY legislators renew push for farmworker labor rights

January 16, 2019/ Tax breaks OK’d for new apartments at Dey’s Plaza in Syracuse

October 2, 2018/Documented: ICE Workplace Audits Force Out Immigrant Farmworkers Upstate

September 28, 2018/Auburnpub.comWeekday top 5: Owasco farmer told to fix worker housing, Auburn welcome center manager hired

September 20, 2018/City Limits: City’s Milk Buying Could Help Farmers in Crisis and Workers in Need

September 17, 2018/Albany Times UnionIn New York, fired farmworker keeps fighting for rights in appeal

September 11, 2018/ Gallery: Migrant workers relocate after being fired by embattled farmer in Owasco

September 11, 2018/Auburnpub.comTown cites Owasco farm for illegally housing workers

September 6, 2018/32BJSEIU: 32BJ Joins Board of Immigrant Workers’ Center

August 28, 2018/Auburnpub.comGallery: Protesters highlight living conditions for workers on Owasco farm

August 28, 2018/Auburnpub.comWorker claims to be living in condemned housing on Owasco dairy farm

August 23, 2018/WRVO: Advocates for undocumented workers obtaining driver’s licenses call on Cuomo to act

August 20, 2018/Daily NewsHarvest their due: The fight for farmworkers’ rights presses on

August 17, 2018/DocumentedFarmworkers Struggle to Unionize in New York. Crispin Hernandez May Change That

August 14, 2018/Rochester City NewspaperRage globally, act locally on Trump and immigration

August 13, 2018/SocialistworkerSyracuse activists issue ICE eviction orders

July 2, 2018/Workers WorldAbolish ICE, reunite families

July 1, 2018/ Hundreds brave heat in Syracuse to protest Trump administration’s immigration policy

June 30, 2018/WSYR: Hundreds march in Syracuse “Families belong together” rally

June 14th 2018/WAERPlight of Immigrants & Family Separation Policy Draw Protests in Syracuse and Across US

June 7th, 2018/ The Death of a Farmworker

June 6th, 2018/WBFO: Advocates say Wayne County woman sought help before she was killed

June 5th, 2018/WHEC: Leaders from Workers’ Center of CNY speak about Owen, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon

May 25th, 2018/Auburn Citizen: Woman found dead in Wayne County had worked, lived on notorious Owasco farm

April 27, 2018/WAER: Advocates for Workers Rights in CNY Observe Workers Memorial Day

April 27, 2018/ViceICE Agents Should Know the Law, but They’re Fine with Warrantless Raids

April 26, 2018/WAERCuomo Cease and Desist Threat for ICE Conduct Draws Local Support

April 26, 2018/Workers WorldSyracuse, N.Y., activists protest ICE raid

April 24, 2018/Syracuse.comICE raid on Rome farm: Worker to remain in detention, judge rules

April 19, 2018/The Legislative GazetteDespite budget setback, immigrants still pushing for drivers licenses, DREAM Act

April 4, 2018/SocialistWorker.orgSyracuse rallies around the undocumented

March 30, 2018/Progressive.orgThe Cruelty of Trump’s War on Immigrants

March 29, 2018/ ‘You are strong:’ An undocumented mother prepares to be taken from her U.S. children

March 29, 2018/Workers WorldImmigrant women protest: ‘We will not be caged!’

March 29, 2018/The Daily News OnlineBATAVIA: Women speak of deportation fears, acceptance and anger outside federal detention center

March 28, 2018/Rochester City NewspaperProtesters rally at Batavia detention center for immigrant women

March 14, 2018/Rochester City NewspaperEast and West Coast farmworkers unite for labor rights

March 1, 2018/The Colgate Maroon News: The Workers’ Center: Fighting for Immigrant Workers’ Rights in New York State

February 26, 2018/Syracuse.comOnce tolerated, now targeted: Undocumented immigrants in CNY caught in crackdown

February 23, 2018/Workers WorldFarmworker housing: Too dangerous to live in

February 22, 2018/Syracuse.comNY farmworkers deserve the right to unionize: Christopher D. Travis

February 22, 2018/WSKGProtesters, Religious Leaders Support Syracuse Man Detained By Immigration Agents

February 21, 2018/Auburn Citizen: Our view: Farmworkers deserve fair, safe conditions

February 20, 2018/The Daily OrangeSyracuse churches offer public sanctuary for undocumented immigrants as form of resistance

February 20, 2018/WAERUndocumented Syracuse Immigrant is Freed on Bond after Court Hearing in Western NY

February 17, 2018/Auburn CitizenOwasco farm under investigation for worker living conditions

February 4, 2018/SpectrumCommunity holds phone bank to block Trump’s proposed immigration plan

February 1, 2018/Syracuse.comOut of an obscure office in Syracuse’s ‘sanctuary city,’ ICE takes away immigrants

January 30, 2018/The Daily OrangeRegional activists split over Mayor Ben Walsh’s stance on ‘sanctuary cities’

January 29, 2018/The Daily OrangeProtesters rally in Syracuse after anniversary of Trump’s initial travel ban

January 17, 2018/Courthouse News: Court Won’t Protect Unionizing NY Farmworkers

January 17, 2018/American AgriculturistNew York court dismisses farmworker lawsuit

January 4, 2018/Journal&RepublicanIndivisible Lowville hosts monthly meetings

December 19, 2017/WGRZBustamante Trial Delayed

December 11, 2017/Syracuse.comAnother NY farmworker dies on the job; we must get serious about safety (Commentary)

November 22, 2017/SpectrumUncertain future: Syracuse rallies for undocumented immigrants

November 21, 2017/United We Dream (FB)HAPPENING NOW! Together, alongside Workers’ Center of CNY, we’re outside Congressman Katko’s office demanding a clean #DreamActNow!

November 21, 2017/WAERDACA Recipients Call On Katko To Support A ‘Clean’ Dream Act

October 13, 2017/Oneonta Daily StarReporter’s Notebook: A fundraiser, and farmer concerns at a forum

October 12, 2017/Workers WorldFarmworkers get Ben & Jerry’s to sign

October 9, 2017/Oneonta Daily StarFarmers give federal input on federal farm bill

September 18, 2017/The Daily Star: Hundreds attend immigration event in Cooperstown

September 7, 2017/Civil Eats: A New Report Chronicles the Hard Work of Making Your Milk

September 5, 2017/WAERPlan to End DACA Spurs Protest and Call for Permanent, No Strings Solution for Immigrant Youth

September 5, 2017/Syracuse.comGroups rally for 20,000 young Upstate New Yorkers facing deportation with DACA repeal

September 5, 2017/Spectrum NewsImmigration advocates fear for CNY workers

August 27, 2017/Finger Lakes TimesLETTER: Troopers violated policy with immigration arrests

August 23, 2017/The Chronicle-ExpressTroopers investigate protested incident

August 9, 2017/Worker’s WorldImmigrants fight for justice

August 5, 2017/Worker’s WorldImmigrants organize for justice

August 3, 2017/Groundswell Center for Local Food & FarmingMilk Cows, Not Workers: An Ithaca Forum on the “Milked” Report

August 2, 2017/The Ithaca Voice‘Milked’ workers speak out about experiences on New York dairy farms

July 30, 2017/Worker’s WorldN.Y. state farmworkers sue for right to organize

July 27, 2017/The NationDo You Drink Milk? Read This.

July 26, 2017/Worker’s WorldClass-war criminals and San Antonio

July 25, 2017/The Ithaca VoiceIthaca forum to highlight ‘milked’ New York dairy workers

July 24, 2017/Daily NewsFarm injustice on trial that must end the unfairness

July 21, 2017/The Lansing StarStudy Finds Immigrant Workers Being Milked

July 20, 2017/New York Law Journal: Court Hears Arguments on Unionizing Farmworkers

July 20, 2017/Univision: “Me despidieron porque organicé a mis compañeros”: La lucha por sus derechos de un trabajador hispano en una granja

July 19, 2017/NY TimesNew York Farmworkers to Argue in State Supreme Court for Right to Organize

July 18, 2017/NY TimesDriving While Undocumented, and Facing the Risks

July 15, 2017/Worker’s World: ‘Border Patrol off buses and trains!’

July 14, 2017/Times UnionTwo-thirds of dairy workers have been injured at least once, report finds

July 7, 2017/City LimitsLawsuit Seeks to Win Organizing Rights for New York’s Farmworkers

June 27, 2017/UnivisionTrabajadores de la industria de lácteos estarían trabajando en condiciones deplorables, según un informe

June 14, 2017/El Mensajero: Intercesores urgen condiciones mejores para trabajadores lecheros 

June 12, 2017/Utica Observer Dispatch: Report: Immigrant farm workers treated badly

June 06, 2017/La Tribuna HispanaTrabajadores inmigrantes son explotados por la industria lechera en NY

June 04, 2017/MundoExplotan a miles de mexicanos en granjas lecheras de Nueva York

June 04, 2017/WSYR-TVNewsmakers: Researchers discuss treatment of immigrant dairy farmworkers in the state.  “This week on Newsmakers, Dan talks with the authors of a new study, entitled “Milked: Immigrant Dairy Farmworkers in New York State.” The guests are Gretchen Purser, an assistant professor of sociology at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, and Rebecca Fuentes, a lead organizer with the workers’ center of Central New York.”

June 04, 2017/La Jornada, Mexico: Miles de mexicanos, explotados por industria lechera en NY

June 02, 2017/NCPR: Cows over care? Hispanic workers document abuse on dairy farms in new survey

June 02, 2017/WRVO-News: New report surveys immigrant dairy workers

June 01, 2017/WAERNew Report: Upstate Dairy Farmworkers Face Unbearable Hours, Unsafe Working and Living Conditions

June 01, 2017/WSYR: New study highlights immigrant farm worker conditions

June 01, 2017/New York UpstateUpstate immigrant dairy farm workers report injuries and intimidation

May 27, 2017/TimesUnion: Eighty years after Jim Crow, NY farm workers still fighting for rights

May 23, 2017/USNEWSFarmworkers Seeking Support for Overtime, Union Options. New York farmworkers are hoping a legal challenge might tip the scales in their favor after years of protesting a state law that prevents them from unionizing.

May 09, 2017/WorkersWorldMay Day in the U.S.: Marching in solidarity & militancy

May 02, 2017/WRVO Public Media: May Day in Syracuse focuses on immigrant workers

May 02, 2017/Socialist Worker: Solidarity in the streets for May Day

May 01, 2017/CNYCentral: Dozens march for worker rights in Syracuse

May 01, 2017/Syracuse: International Workers Day march in downtown Syracuse, NY (photos)

April 28, 2017/Syracuse: Memorial honors fallen workers in Downtown Syracuse

April 28, 2017/SyracuseWorkers Honor 42 Killed in CNY and NNY Workplace Incidents in 2016

April 04, 2017/Syracuse: Upstate NY police should stop cooperating with immigration authorities (Commentary)

March 30, 2017/Democrat and Chronicle: Activists rally in Batavia for detained farmworker

March 23, 2017/Crain’s New York BusinessICE arrests New York farmworkers, alarming industry and advocates

March 21, 2017/WorkersWorldSyracuse protest defends migrant worker

March 17, 2017/WeaveNewsJustice for Migrant Workers in Vermont!

March 16, 2017/WRVOBraving cold and snow, Syracuse protesters rally to end deportations

March 16, 2017/SyracuseDescendants of Irish immigrants should ‘green light’ newcomers (Commentary)

March 13,2017/World Socialist Website: Protesters in Rochester, New York oppose detention of José Coyote Pérez

March 02, 2017/ITEPUndocumented Immigrants’ State & Local Tax Contributions

March 01, 2017/ Rochester City Newspaper : Benefit honors activist

February 07, 2017/WRVOSyracuse mayor supports undocumented immigrants obtaining NY driver’s licenses

February 06, 2017/WSYR: Syracuse mayor pushes support for immigrant driver’s license initiative

February 06, 2017/ WAER :Mayor Miner urges NYS to issue driver’s licences to undocumented workers

February 1, 2017/ Worker’s World: Protests flood airports

January 30, 2017/ Syracuse: Syracuse’s leftist tea party: Meet the protesters behind the 1,000 person rally

January 30, 2017/ Common Dreams: Over 100 food and farm organizations oppose Puzder for Labor Secretary

January 26, 2017/NPRDairy Farmers Fear Loss Of Labor Under Trump Immigration Actions

January 25, 2017/ Workers’ World : Women march against sexism, racism & Trump

January 18, 2017/ North Country Public Radio: Guatemalan workers in North country tell trump ‘Look into your heart’

January 16,2017/North County Public Radio: If Trump builds a wall, will there be anybody to milk the North country’s cows?

November 22, 2016 /Workers’ World: Syracuse, New York workers expose wage theft

November 11, 2016/Workers WorldProtest marches erupt after Trump election

November 10, 2016/ The Daily Orange: Syracuse Community Member Protest Trump Election

November 03, 2016/ Worker’s World : #Buffalo25 defy ICE

October 31. 2016/ WXII News: Minimum wage increase sparks hopes, concerns

October 27, 2016/Workers’ World: On the campaign road to revolution

October 26, 2016/ North Country Public Radio: Farmworker lawsuit over organizing could reshape NY agriculture

October 25, 2016/WAMCLandmark Farmworker Suit Moves Forward After Farm Bureau Intervention

September 05, 2016/The Ithaca VoiceGallery: Tompkins Workers’ Center celebrates workers’ rights victories at annual picnic

September 05, 2016/New York Daily TimesRights ripe for the picking: This could be a historic year for New York farm workers

August 2, 2016/Workers’ World: Workers Center win over wage theft

July 27, 2016/WAER Syracuse Public MediaSubcontracted Workers at Popular Destiny USA Restaurant Demand Payment

July 7, 2016/United Federation of Teachers: State’s farmworkers fighting to organize

June 21, 2016/WAMCNew York Farm Bureau Files For Intervenor Status In Collective Bargaining Lawsuit

June 9, 2016/ Workers World: NY State Farmworkers fight for right to organize

May 7, 2016/ North Country Public Radio: Syracuse Activists urge state senate to support farmworkers rights 

May 11, 2016/ North Country Public RadioCuomo won’t fight Lewis County farmworkers lawsuit for more rights

April 28, 2016/ Syracuse Post Standard: Syracuse group calls attention to workplace deaths and injuries.

Dec 22, 2016 / The Independent: Bitting the hands that feed New York’s immigrant Farmworkers face appalling treatment

Dec 11, 2015/ Workers World: New York’s Migrant Farm Workers in the Struggle

Dec 7, 2015 / WWNYTVRally for Dignity and Respect Held at Mark’s Farm

Nov 25, 2015 / WRVO Public MediaGetting the word out about ‘wage theft’

Oct 31, 2015 / Watertown Daily TimesPetition calls for Lowville farm to safeguard rights of migrant workers 

Sep 15, 2015/ New York Daily News: No rights no jobs:Firings show why farmworkers need better protection from New York’s labor laws

Sep 9, 2015 / The Journal newspaper: Migrant workers lose jobs after standing up for  rights at Marks Farms in Lowville

May 04, 2015 / North Country Public Radio: Hispanic dairy workers step out of the shadows to protest abuses

May 02, 2015/ Watertown Daily Times: Protesters march on Marks Farms following alleged beating, firing of worker

Nov 29, 2014/ Former Danzer’s employees protest restaurant’s Black Friday re-opening, report says

Oct 10, 2014/ The Pump HandleNew York dairy farm workers organize for justice: ‘Law or no law, we are going to organize’

June 02, 2014/ North Country Radio: NY dairy farms will get surprise inspections from OSHA

May 04, 2014/ C-SPAN: Rep. Maffei Delivers Floor Speech Recognizing Workers Memorial Day

Feb 4, 2014/  Syracuse Post Standard: Dairy Farmworkers seek support for farm safety inspections in New York

Jan 11, 2014 / Syracuse Post Standard: Worker Rights Advocates Call for Safety Inspections at New York Dairy Farms

Dec 29, 2013 / Syracuse Post StandardLetter to the editor: Workers’ Rights and Safety More Important Than Farm Profit Margins

Dec 13, 2013/ Syracuse Post Standard: Reps. Hanna, Maffei: Delay surprise inspections of New York dairy farms

Dec 4, 2013 / Syracuse Post StandardLetter to the editor: Dairy Farmworkers contribute to Byrne Dairy success

Dec 2, 2013 / Syracuse Post StandardWorkers Compensation Board hosts meetings to help improve services

Sep 13, 2013 / Labor NotesMilk Cows, Not Workers

Aug 26, 2013 / North Country Public RadioDairy Day at the New York State Fair

Aug 26, 2013 / Watertown Daily NewsUndocumented Immigrant Labor to be Underscored by Rally on ‘Dairy Day’ at State Fair

Aug 26, 2013 / YNN NewsDairy Workers Protest Unfair Working Conditions

Aug 26, 2013 / WAER Syracuse Public RadioDairy Day at State Fair, some Sweet Cream, some Sour Milk

May 22, 2013 / Workers’ Center: Building Worker Power through Community Organizing  (video and podcast)

Jan 17, 2013 / Syracuse Post StandardJanitorial Workers Can Learn to Fight Exploitation

Jan 5, 2013 / Time Warner Cable NewsGroups rally on May Day for workers’ rights

Dec 13, 2012 / Los Angeles Times: Push for minimum wage hike intensifies as worker ranks swell

Nov 23, 2012 / Syracuse Post StandardIn East Syracuse demonstrators call on Wal-Mart to “share the wealth”

May 1, 2012 / Syracuse Post StandardMarchers parade through downtown Syracuse for May Day

Apr 24, 2012 / WRVO Public RadioMinimum Wage Hearings Take Place across New York State

Apr 24, 2012 / CNY CentralHearing held in Syracuse to discuss minimum wage increase

March 2012 / National Employment Law Project: New Labor Department Rules Curb Discrimination Against U.S. Workers and Trafficking of Foreign Workers under the H-2B Guestworker Program

Dec 30, 2011 / Syracuse Post StandardCentral New York Stories that Made a Difference in 2011

Nov 7, 2011 / Syracuse Post StandardLetter to the editor: A Crisis of Deepening Inequality

Aug 23, 2011 / Patriot NewsForeign Students: Far from home but not alone

July 18, 2011 / Wall Street Journal: 10 Things State Fairs Won’t Tell You

Jun 22, 2011 / Syracuse New TimesLabor Daze

May 22, 2011 / Syracuse Post-StandardLetter to the editor: More Reforms Needed to Curb Abuses in Guest Worker Programs

May 15, 2011 / Syracuse Post-StandardState Rejects Vendor Accused of Keeping Workers in Conditions Close to Slavery at Fair

May 13, 2011 / Syracuse Post-StandardLetter to the editor: Fair Labor practices unsafe and unfair

Apr 17, 2011 / Syracuse Post-StandardState Fair Vendor Abused Workers from Mexico

Mar 24, 2011 / CNY CentralFair Vendor Fined after Human Trafficking Investigation

Nov 18, 2010 / Syracuse Post-StandardLabor Group Calls for Meeting with New York State Fair over Working Conditions

Nov 18, 2010 / Tikkun DailyNational Day of Action Against Wage Theft: Today!

Nov 18, 2010 / CNY Central: Human trafficking alleged at the State Fair

Nov 12, 2010 / In These TimesShocking State Fair Scandal, Wage Theft Epidemic, Spur Nationwide Protests