Victory for one of our members!

On November of 2014, Martin came to the WCCNY member meeting and asked for support to get back his security deposit. He had been struggling for months to get his security deposit from Sunny Crest Manor Apartments, an apartment complex which he had moved out from on April of 2014. The apartments management had not returned Martin his security deposit, like they said they would, and were treating him unfairly by not responding to his demand. During our meeting, we agreed to write a demand letter and do research about these apartments. We consider it is completely unfair that apartments like this steal from low wage workers. We delivered the letter on December 18, but received no response from management. We called them back and management finally told us that the “previous management didn’t pay the bills so the case would have to be taken to the attorney general”. Martin had not been told that the previous management had bills that were due, how many more people are waiting for their security deposit? The apartments were put under investigation after we contacted the Attorney General. Several weeks after (January of 2015), Martin finally received his check for the security deposit and won his case! As we waited for Martin’s case to be resolved, we did a radio public service announcement informing the community and encouraging them to call the Syracuse branch of the Attorney’s office at (315) 448-4826 so they too can take action and receive the security deposits if they are owed.

Martin sharing his case and victory at the membership orientation on January 15, 2015.
Martin sharing his case and victory at the membership orientation on January 15, 2015.

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