Our First Year of Participation @ the Westcott Cultural Fair!

Portrait: Tomorrow Sunday we will have a table at the Wescott Street Cultural Fair in Syracuse, come to say hi. / Mañana Domingo tendremos una mesa la feria cultural de la calle Westcott en Syracuse, vengan a saludarnos. De 12:00pm a 6:30pm http://westcottstreetfair.org

Today was our first year of ‘tabling’ at the Westcott Cultural Fair! We had a great time and educated many people about the work that we do, and why our work is important… It was a rainy day, and our tent nearly blew away in a gust of wind! But when the sun came out, the atmosphere was very festive. Next year will be even more fun, and we look forward to participating again. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and those who helped greet fair-goers all day long, and (of course) thanks to everyone who came to speak with us and also to those who donated!

Portrait: #1FAIRWAGE at the Westcott street Cultural Fair. End the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers in New York
One of the many fair-goers who spent some time speaking with us – he was willing to have his photo taken to show that he supports raising the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers!