Fairness at the (NY State) Fair – Take action for Workers’ Rights!

Sign up to become among the dozens of ordinary citizens who want to make sure that all those who work at the fair:

  • Are paid what they were promised
  • Are treated with dignity and respect
  • Have safe and healthy work conditions
  • Have the job training they need to protect the public’s health and their own
  • Know how and where they can report labor violations

The Background: at last year’s fair, 19 workers were victims of wage and hour violations by a food vendor at the fair. Crowded into two insect-ridden trailers, the workers worked anywhere from 12-16 hours or more per day. One the last day of the fair, they were forced to 24 hours.  Government officials also discovered two additional workers for that same vendor, who had been cheated out of wages.

The Community Response This Year: The Workers’ Center of Central New York has been invited to partner with the New York Department of Labor to distribute workers’ rights literature at the Great New York State Fair on

 Thursday, August 25th (OPENING DAY!) and  Friday, August 26th

 In order to reach as many workers as possible, we will be distributing literature early in the morning on both those days.

 Please click HERE to sign up for a shift.  

You have a choice of: a full shift (3 ½  hours)   6 AM to 9:30 AM  or a half-shift 1 hour and 45 minutes. Pick one:  6-7:45 AM  or 7:45-9:30 AM

We need you to sign up for your shift NOW because the NYS Dept. of Labor needs to know the names of our volunteers by Friday, August 12. You will be paired with a DOL worker.

Wear comfortable shoes, a hat or sunglasses, or both. Backpacks or fanny packs are helpful. You will arrive at the Main Gate and obtain your assignment. We will provide bottled water for all volunteers.