Fairness at the Fair: Report to the Community

Please join us this Thursday, May 26 at Plymouth Church  for a Report to the Community about our efforts to make the NYS fair a place where violations to workers rights do not happen. We will share information about our work in solidarity with 19 Mexican workers who fought back for their rights last year at the NY State Fair after they were victims of human trafficking for labor exploitation.

There are specific actions we all can take to support workers at fairs and carnivals in Central New York so that this year there is fairness at the fair for all workers.

Thursday, May 26, 2011  at 7pm

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  1. This company is violating the workers wages and rights beacuse they pay all the ride help just over 225 per week and not the ny state law labor wage of 7.25 per hour the company is called Wheelock rides and is based in syracuse ny. owner are Avery wheelock, angel wheelock and cory ward and Alan wheelock, VP

    How can we put a end too worker wage fraud, They are going too be at Pompey fire department located in Pompey ny, here is wheelocks phone number
    315 487 7039

    • rebeccafuentes

      Hi Joe,
      thanks you for your information and support for workers. Volunteers are going to have a presence at local fairs and carnivals to let workers know about their rights and where to get help.

  2. Hello rebecca its come too my attention that the labor board of central ny recently visited wheelock rides, of syracuse ny im not sure if they did anything or not and what spot they wer playing, also updated starting this week in July and this weekend they will be at a Huge festival that is located in Inner Harbour located in syracuse ny maybe you or your staff should go by and pay them a visit about how the ride jocks rights are not being inforced and the 225 per week salary they are getting again Owners are Avery wheelock Angel wheelock cory ward, Arthur wheelock and Casey Wheelock http://www.wheelockrides.com

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