Workers’ Memorial Day April 28, 2017: We mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living

Going to work shouldn’t be a grave mistake.

We remember Carlos Moncayo and other New York State workers who were killed, injured or got sick because their employers ignored the health and safety laws We want the NYS government to:

  •  prosecute employers who ignore health and safety laws and allow people working for them to die, get hurt or become ill
  • raise the state’s minimum penalty to at least $1 million for corporate (in)action that leads to workers’ deaths/injuries/illnesses/diseases, and increase the felony class from C to E

Workers’ Memorial Day April 28, 2017 at Clinton Square, Syracuse — 12pm – 1pm (In case of rain: 1199 SEIU, 250 S. Clinton St. 1st floor conference room) We will gather to name and remember the 40-some workers who died in the region in the last year, just because they went to work. We will remember the many others who died anonymously of occupational diseases. We will stand in solidarity to fight for healthy and safe workplaces.

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