Workers and Allies Picket the Grand Re-Opening of Danzer’s German-American Restaurant!


You all may remember the story from early October, where a group of waitresses spontaneously walked out of Danzer’s German-American restaurant. If not, here is the link:

After being closed for about a month, this past Friday saw the ‘grand re-opening’ of Danzer’s. They had taken care of the health and safety issues that (along with the walk-out) had spurred the shut-down. But, thanks to the courage and tenacity of workers who had been unjustly treated, there was an organized response to the re-opening! These workers had a two-fold goal: they wanted to continue to publicize their struggle so that the community was aware, and also they wanted to reach out to the current staff (many of whom were new) and let them know that they were not alone and, if they were being treated unjustly, they could do something about it.

Thanks to everyone who came out, the temperatures were close to freezing but we kept warm by moving our feet and raising our voices! Stay tuned, because this is not the last chapter of the struggle for these workers…

Check out this great coverage of the event: