Who is Nick Tantalo? WCCNY exposes wage theft at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant and wins unpaid wages immediately!

Nick Tantalo, who hired Lourdes and Andrea to clean Cheesecake Factory in Syracuse, didn’t pay them for their labor. They joined the WCCNY, led their own campaign and got all their wages! Thank you to all who supported their campaign: making the signs, going to the rally and then accompanying to deliver our demand letter to Cheseecake Factory. One day after the action the workers have been paid! We will continue to do outreach to uncover these injustices and organize to end wage theft and unfair labor practices in our communities. There are so many big companies subcontracting their work and workers who get cheated out of their wages or hurt in those jobs.

Thru our collective action we discovered that Nick Tantalo works for Majestic Cleaning Services and/or Alpha Cleaning Services. If you or someone you know worked for Nick Tantalo and didn’t get paid or was victim of other unfair labor practices, give us a call to organize for dignity and respect. Together we can win!


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