WCCNY Member Honored at National Health & Safety Conference

Last week, four WCCNY members, Rosa, Yamaris, Andrea, and Victor, represented the Workers’ Center of CNY at the National Council for Occupational Safety & Health, where WCCNY member Crispin Hernandez was recognized for his commitment to advancing the movement for worker health and safety. In addition to accepting the award on behalf of the Workers’ Center of CNY and Crispin, members participated in and attended a number of workshops and panels on how to organize successful worker safety and health campaigns. We learned from and shared our own experiences on leading important fights around health & safety, fighting wage theft, and expanding access to driver licenses.


group photo cosh.jpg


WCCNY member, Victor holding a sign saying he’s attending this conference because he believes all workers should have the same rights. Victor also participated in a workshop and talked about his first hand experience with health and safety issues as a poultry worker and a dairy worker.

Donations like yours help make it possible for worker leaders to attend national conferences like these and bring back vital information to strengthen our organizing. We thank you for your continued support and we are glad you are in the struggle with us!

Si se puede!

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