Wage Theft Action Alert: Infinity Construction Resources, Inc Pay the Workers!

Workers should not wait an INFINITY to get their hard earned wages!

Infinity Construction Resources owes wages to three workers from Syracuse. Pay the Workers NOW!

Infinity Construction Resources, Inc owes wages to three workers from Syracuse. Help the workers to send a message: Pay the Workers NOW!

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Owners of “Infinity Construction Resources” a Staffing Agency located in Kenner, LA that steals wages from workers. Tell them to pay NOW.

In April of 2014, Agustin, Jose and Oscar from Syracuse were recruited to work for Infinity Construction Resources, a temporary staffing agency based in Kenner, Louisiana. The company advertises itself as “Your Asbestos, Lead, Hazmat, Insulators, Construction, Demolition Labor Solution.” After learning about the company through word of mouth here in Syracuse, Agustin, Jose and Oscar called the company’s recruiter and were instructed to fax over their work certification for asbestos removal. Infinity Construction Resources hired them and assigned them to work for EnviroTech, a New York-based company. They worked at several locations throughout Upstate NY.

Agustin, Jose and Oscar came to the Workers’ Center to seek help in recovering the wages that are still owed to them by their employer, Infinity Construction Resources. Agustin and Jose are each owed for 4 days of work (32 hours) and Oscar is owed for 1 day of work (8 hours). They have tried calling both Infinity Construction Resources and EnviroTech to no avail. Now they are organizing to get their unpaid wages and need your support to send a message to this unscrupulous employer.  Workers should not wait an INFINITY to get their hard-earned wages!

How can you support the workers?

STEP ONE: Copy the following message and send it via text or email and post it on the Facebook page of “Infinity Construction Resources”.

MESSAGE: Marta Buezo-Martinez and Sergio Buezo, owners of Infinity Construction Resources: Visit http://www.workerscny.org/2014/07/10/wage-theft-action-alert-infinity-construction-resources-inc-pay-the-workers-now/ – Do not steal from workers. Pay the workers NOW!

STEP TWO: Contact EnviroTech, holding them accountable for the staffing agency’s actions and demanding that the workers get paid.

MESSAGE: Hi, my name is _______, and I am calling you from __________  because I am very concerned about three workers, Agustin, Jose and Oscar, who worked for your company in and around Upstate NY in April of 2014. They have not been paid the wages that they are owed. It is your responsibility to ensure that Infinity Construction Resources, the staffing agency with whom you contracted, pays them for the hours that they worked. We are holding you responsible until this issue is addressed. For more information you can visit www.workerscentercny.org, and click on the News portion of the website.

  • Call the Syracuse office of EnviroTech at: (315) 426-0595
  • Call the national headquarters of EnviroTech at: (855) 438-3684
  • File a complaint via the company’s website: http://naturallythebest.com/about-us/contact-us/ – include a link to this web page in the body of your complaint (http://www.workerscny.org/2014/07/10/wage-theft-action-alert-infinity-construction-resources-inc-pay-the-workers-now/ )

Please let us know if you did any of the actions and if you get any answer.

Thank you for your support,

In solidarity,

Agustin, Jose and Oscar & The Workers’ Center of CNY

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