Update on Jose and upcoming court date

As of today, March 27th, courageous Workers’ Center of CNY member and farmworker leader, Jose Coyote Perez, has been in detention in Batavia for over a month.
Please continue to show your support by signing and passing along the petition in support of Jose and by calling the Chief Field Counsel of the detention facility at (716) 551-4741.
Here is a proposed script: “My name is ______ I want to bring to the attention of the Chief Counsel the case of Jose Coyote Perez, A#099757267, who is in Batavia detention Center. He is the father of four children and community leader in Upstate and Central NY, member of the Workers’ Center of CNY and other community organizations. His case was administratively closed in September, but he was detained on February 24, 2017. Please release him and close his case again so he can return to his children and continue to be an advocate for human rights.”
Jose has a court date coming up this Thursday morning, March 30th in Batavia and we will be carpooling to Batavia to show him support. If you want to join us please call the Workers’ Center of CNY at 315-218-5708 or you can send me an email at nslade@workerscentercny.org.

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