Rally to support Dolores in Batavia!

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Our friend Dolores Bustamanete needs our community support!! Join us this monday at 10:30 am in front of the Batavia Federal Detention Center, in Batavia, to support Dolores as she goes for her next immigration court appointment. Dolores is facing a difficult court, this could be her last and ICE can detain her and separate her from her family and comunity. She is a caring mother, good friend and workers rights activist and organizer. Her community work includes organizing farmworkers to stand up and have a voice against abuse and exploitation in Upstate NY. She has worked for many of the orchards in Upstate NY and currently is part of the board of Alianza de Mujeres Campasinas and the Workers’ Center of Central NY as well as active members of Mujeres Divinas. We need to stand with her just like she has done for immigrant and workers rights in our community.

Nuestra amiga Dolores Bustamante necesita nuestro apoyo comunitario. Unete con nosotros el lunes, Julio 24 a las 8:30 am enfrente del centro de Detencion Federal de Batavia. Dolores es una madre dedicada a su familia, una buena amiga y defensora de los derechos de los inmigrantes y los trabajadores. Ella ha servido en la mesa directiva de Alianza de Mujeres Campesinas, El Centro de Trabajadores y es miembra de Mujeres Divinas. Es el momento de estar con Dolores y con todos los inmigrantes que se enfrentan al sistema de inmigración injusto.

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