McDonald's aka McCheapskates Doesn't Pay Workers!

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Today, the Workers’ Center of CNY supported a former McDonald’s worker, Keneshia, fighting to recover the over $100 that was missing from her final paycheck.

Keneshia along with members and allies of the WCCNY delivered a demand letter to one of the manager’s, Leon Monica, at the McDonald’s located at 6105 South Salina Street, explaining that Kenisha experienced wage theft and she is owed her stolen wages.  Instead of quickly trying to figure out how to make sure this worker received the wages that were stolen from her, Leon told us the payroll manager would not be back until 10am on Thursday and ordered us out of the restaurant and swiftly called the police on us. How ironic is it that the organization and worker fighting against an actual crime, wage theft, are the ones treated as criminals instead of the employer that actually stole wages?

We were not deterred by Leon’s intimidation tactics and we had a rousing rally outside of the McDonald’s where Keneshia shared her story about experiencing wage theft and health and safety issues at work including burns and even a harrowing experience of customers throwing water on her in the workplace. We leafletted people passing by and customers letting them know that McDonald’s doesn’t pay their workers. We received honks of support as people drove by and spent time talking to customers about wage theft.

We are giving McDonald’s until 10:00am on Thursday to do the right thing and pay Keneshia the $103.32 they currently owe her. We will keep you updated about this fight.

The struggle continues!

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