May 1 Celebration at the Workers’ Center

On Sunday May 1st. we celebrated International Workers Day at the Workers’ Center with a potluck  among friends and supporters. We enjoyed inspiring music thanks to Bruce Peak and ranchera music thanks to Caroline Kim. We listened to Ramona Galvan and Emily Bran who generously shared their stories of injustice in the workplace. It was an opportunity to present the Center’s plans for the future as we become a membership-based organization that stands in solidarity and supports worker’s struggles for justice and equality in the workplace and in the community. Thanks to all of you who came and responded by signing up to become members and share your talents and skills with the Workers’ Center. If you were unable to attend, there will be many opportunities to learn more about the center and become involved. Please take a look at our membership information and consider supporting our work.

We are currently working on the organizational structure of the Workers’ Center and we will contact you soon to become part of these efforts. Stay tuned.               Sí se puede. This is a slideshow with pictures taken by our friend and ally, Dr. Alejandro García. Thank you![slideshow]