Keep Our Jobs and Food Safe: Poultry Plant Jobs Are Some of The Most Dangerous

Jobs inside poultry plants are some of the most dangerous and difficult in America, and the risk to food workers and our food supply increase when the line speeds increase.
As line speeds increase, so do injuries — including serious and bloody cuts. Unbelievably, major poultry industry groups are ignoring these risks and lobbying the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Congress to eliminate line speed limits entirely.
Forcing poultry workers and federal meat inspectors to work significantly faster will increase the odds they’re injured and make chicken less safe for every consumer to eat.

Tell the USDA what you think

It is critical that we make comments against this petition. Feel free to use the following sample language in your comment:

Please keep consumers and poultry workers safe and reject this petition to eliminate line speeds. We depend upon America’s poultry workers for safe food.

Poultry jobs are already difficult and dangerous for workers. Injuries are high at current line speeds and may only increase at faster speeds.

Eliminating line speed limits makes it harder for federal meat inspectors and quality control workers in plants to do their jobs. That means it will be less safe for all of us to eat chicken.

We deserve safe food, and America’s poultry workers deserve safe workplaces. Reject this petition and keep safe line speed limits in poultry plants.

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