in Memoriam of Francisco Ortiz: Father, Husband and NY Dairy Farmworker


February 5th marks the one-year anniversary of the death of dairy farmworker Francisco Ortiz. Francisco, of Veracruz, Mexico, who was crushed by a faulty auger while working on a small dairy farm in Ithaca, NY [see memorial slideshow]. He was survived by his son, Alejandro, and his wife, Mayra, who recounts that her husband had long complained about the ill-functioning machine that eventually took his life. Unfortunately, Francisco’s death was neither an isolated, nor an inevitable, occurrence. * Since 2007, there have been at least twelve fatalities on New York dairy farms. An alarming five of these fatalities have occurred since 2011.

Read more about the campaign for workplace health and safety in the NY dairy industry in today’s press release.

* Since this press release we have obtained information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that bring the actual number of fatalities on dairy farms to an alarming 55 since 2006.