Help Arely stay with her family! Fundraiser in Support of Arely Tomas


On March 29th our friend Arely Tomas, member of the Workers’ Center of Central New York, mother, advocate for social justice, and friend, had an appointment with ICE for a “check-in.” With increasing (and worrying) frequency, ICE is detaining immigrants at these “check-ins”  nationwide. On this day many friends and allies held a rally to be in solidarity with Arely. She  was not detained at this check-in, but we are concerned she might face deportation proceedings at her next check-in on Wednesday, April 26th -which happens to be her young seven year old daughters’ birthday. She contacted an immigration lawyer and now she needs support to help cover the expensive legal fees.

Arely’s husband accompanied her to this check-in for moral support, and ICE agents took advantage of this opportunity and asked Arely’s husband intrusive questions. ICE agents went so far as to threaten her husband with a “check-in” in Buffalo, NY.

Arely has a working permit, which means she is authorized to work in the United States. If deported, her 10, 8, and 7 year-old children will be separated from their mother. Moreover, if her husband is also deported, their children will be stripped away from their parents. The Tomas children live with a constant fear of law enforcement.
This is an URGENT call for those who identify with Arely’s cause and an URGENT call for all allies.

Donate as emergency support for Arely and her family. Support their courage and help them in their time of need. Emergency donations will fund legal fees and related expenses resulting from dealing with their case(s) (like gas and childcare).

Let’s all chip-in for Arely and her family—a family that has been threatened to be torn apart! Let’s fight  to keep Arely’s  family and other immigrant families together! We have vowed to be there for all immigrants when Trump’s agents attack. Let’s show our neighbors they have our support. We will not look away this time. We will not let our neighbors suffer alone.




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