Fernando Wins Back Stolen Wages!

On July 27th, WCCNY member Fernando along with the support of other workers and allies, led an action at Frazee Farms to retrieve his stolen wages. At this farm, the employer paid Fernando subminimum wages, took illegal deductions, and withheld one of Fernando’s paycheck.To add insult to injury, the employer fired Fernando for missing two days of work because he was sick. Because the employer provides not only the job, but housing, Fernando was without a job, on the brink of homeless. Fernando called the Workers’ Center and with access to housing, and support from the organization, he led a collective action to demand his stolen wages back. At the action, Fernando told his history and delivered a letter to the employer demanding $8,000 in stolen wages and damages. Feeling the strength and power of the collective action, the employer called the next day and offered a measly $400. We held firm, and after a short period of negotiation, on Monday August 14th, Fernando received his check for over $7,000 in stolen wages and damages!!We would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support!

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