Defend DACA Action Update

We would like to thank the New York Immigration Coalition, the CNY Solidarity Coalition, the International Socialist Organization and all others for helping to plan  and attending the rally and being in solidarity with DACA recipients last week at Katko’s office. Over a 100 people attended and called on Kakto to support permanent protection for immigrant youth with no strings attached. We also called on Katko to reject the expansion of the H2A guestworker program which would have a devastating effect on immigrant agricultural workers here in upstate New York. After the rally several of us went to deliver a letter to Congressman Katko demanding immediate action to pass legislation on immigration reform for all. We tried to go to his office but we were denied entrance when someone from his office claimed no one was there to see us. Unfortunately this is another example of Congressman Katko’s strategy to hide from the people he is accountable to. Elected officials like Katko can no longer choose to sit on the sidelines. They must demonstrate concrete support of immigrants in this climate of virulent, anti-immigrant sentiment and policies.

Also, be sure to check out this great piece in the New York Daily News from long time DACA advocate Cesar Vargas calling on governors across the country to support drivers’ licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. The Green Light campaign to expand access licenses to all is also another important and concrete thing New York state legislators can do right now to show their solidarity with immigrants here in New York state. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved with the campaign email Nikeeta at article on the action

Spectrum News Article

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