Call-in Day TODAY: Green Light New York!!!

Dear Community Members and Allies,

The Green Light NY Driving Together Campaign needs you to show your support for NYS expanding access to driver’s licenses.  TODAY Thursday March 15th callAssemblymember Marcos Crespo, the lead sponsor on the bill to thank him for his support for the legislation and ask him how we can accelerate the process of getting a bill number. Below is a sample script with the phone number to call (in English and Spanish); here you can see our SOCIAL MEDIA tool kit with sample tweets and content, videos to post and pictures. Once you have called please fill out this quick form to tell us how it went!

We want to make sure he hears from allies, directly affected community members, other elected officials, and community leaders so please spread the word to all your networks.  The time to act is now!

In Solidarity,




Sample Script:


Assemblymember Marcos A. Crespo,

My name is ____________________ and I am from (LOCATION IN STATE). I support the Green Light Campaign because_(reason you support licences).On behalf of the Campaign Green Light Driving Together NY and the thousands of people who support the expansion of drivers licenses for all, I want to thank you for your support and commitment to ensure all New Yorkers have access to drivers licenses regardless of immigration status.There are hundreds of people in our coalition who are ready to take the next step in making our campaign public. As you know, having a bill number is necessary for us to move forward. What can our coalition of supporters and directly affected people do to help you to accelerate this process? Thank you again for your support!

Phone Number: 718-893-0202


Asambleísta Marcos Crespo,

Mi nombre es__________________ soy de (ÁREA DONDE VIVE), y yo apoyo la campaña Luz Verde Manejando Juntos porqué (RAZÓN POR LA CUAL APOYA LA CAMPAÑA). En nombre de la campaña Luz Verde NY Manejando Juntos y de los cientos de personas que apoyan la expansión de las licencias de manejo para todos y todas, quiero agradecerle por su apoyo y compromiso para asegurarse de que todos los Neoyorquinos tengan licencias sin importar estatus migratorio.

Hay cientos de personas en nuestra coalición que están listas para dar el siguiente paso y hacer nuestra campaña pública. Como usted sabe, necesitamos el número del proyecto de ley para poder seguir adelante.¿ Hay algo que nuestra coalición de personas directamente afectadas y aliados puede hacer para ayudarle a usted a acelerar este proceso?

De nuevo, gracias por su apoyo!

Teléfono: 718-893-0202

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