9/28/17: Silent protest “Enough”

For all of us who are feeling we have had Enough, in silent protest of the Trump Care Bill we will gather in complete silence for one hour. Bring signs that simply say “Enough”. Come in silence, we will stand in silence, we will leave in Silence. Sometimes no words speak volumes. We need all activists who are fed up with the assault from Washington on our basic human rights. May our silence reach the heart of Congressman Katko.

We need you for one hour this Thursday from 6-7pm. We will gather in silence holding a sign that says ENOUGH. Enough of the erosion of our right to healthcare, enough talk about walls, and deportation, enough tweets, enough, enough, enough! Enough of being ignored by Katko as if we are not his constituents. ENOUGH! See you in Hanover Square @ 6pm. Please change your maybe to a going and let’s give a real showing of ENOUGH. Stand or kneel on one knee in solidarity proclaiming ENOUGH!!!

Link to the Facebook Event Here

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