March for Farmworker Justice in Syracuse

May 10, Albany NY. Member leaders of the WCCNY at a press conference talking about our lawsuit. A few hours later, Gov. Cuomo released a statement in support of our efforts “this clear and undeniable injustice must be corrected.”

On Tuesday, May 10 Crispin Hernandez, a leader of the Workers’ Center of CNY, sued New York state and Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the failure to protect farmworkers right to organize. The governor immediately agreed with Crispin, the WCCNY and the Worker Justice of NY, also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. We are winning and getting closer to equality for farmworkers in NY! Now on Sunday, May 15 marks the Justice for Farmworkers campaign begins a 200 mile march from Long Island to Albany  in support of the passing the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act, a bill of rights that will finally end the shameful exclusion of workers from the right to organize, the right to overtime and the right of a day off. We are all harvesting justice!

 The March for Farmworker Justice  will end on June 1, on Farmworker Albany Day, when allies and farmworkers will flood the capital to demand equality: a harvest of justice for all workers.

In Syracuse, the Workers’ Center of Central NY is organizing a rally a march and a legislative visit to Senator Dave Valeski in solidarity with the March for Farmworker Justice:

Solidarity March for Farmworker Justice in Syracuse!

JFFW-LogoWe will rally to celebrate the struggle for farmworkers rights in NY and we will march for justice and solidarity.

WHEN: Thursday, May 26, 2016  WHERE: 12:pm Meet us at Forman park (between East Genesee and Almond St.)
We will start to march at 12:45 toward the  NY State Building and visit Sen. Dave Valeski at 1:30pm

                                 For more information call the Workers’ Center of CNY (315) 218-5708

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